Set out on a savory expedition through the heart of Montevideo as you dive into the world of Alfajores creation.

The tantalizing aroma of freshly baked goods wafts through the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable culinary rendezvous.

But what secret ingredient turns a simple cookie into a delectable masterpiece?

Join this culinary escapade and uncover the mysteries behind crafting these traditional Uruguayan delights.

Just The Basics

  • Discover the art of making traditional Alfajores with a private tour guide
  • Gain insights into the cultural significance and history of Alfajores in Uruguay
  • Learn the secrets behind crafting delicate layers filled with dulce de leche
  • Immerse in Uruguayan gastronomic traditions through hands-on experience

Experience Details

Culinary Experience Making Alfajores in Montevideo - Experience Details

Engage in a unique culinary adventure by joining Stephannie Campos on a private tour to make Alfajores in Montevideo. These delectable treats hold great cultural significance in Uruguay, with various recipe variations passed down through generations.

Stephannie will guide you through the process, sharing insights into the history and importance of Alfajores in Uruguayan cuisine. Discover the secrets behind creating the perfect balance of delicate cookie layers filled with creamy dulce de leche, and coated with a dusting of powdered sugar or dipped in rich chocolate.

As you learn about this hands-on experience, you’ll not only learn to make Alfajores but also gain a deeper appreciation for the traditions and flavors that make them a beloved part of Uruguayan culture.

Booking Information

For booking this unique culinary experience to make Alfajores in Montevideo with Stephannie Campos, please note the following information.

Booking Information Details Notes
Cancellation Policy Up to 24 hours for full refund Changes within 24 hours not accepted
Refund Policy Full refund if canceled 24 hours before start time No refund if canceled less than 24 hours before start time
Amendments Not accepted within 24 hours of start time Cut-off times based on local time
Accessibility Not wheelchair accessible Near public transportation
Health Advisory Not recommended for travelers with back problems

When booking, consider the recipe variations and culinary techniques you’ll explore during this hands-on Alfajores making experience in Montevideo.

Cancellation Policy & Reviews

Culinary Experience Making Alfajores in Montevideo - Cancellation Policy & Reviews

Moving on from the booking details, the Cancellation Policy & Reviews section provides essential information regarding the process of canceling the Alfajores making experience in Montevideo and insights from previous participants. Understanding the cancellation policy is crucial for participants who may need to alter their plans. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Flexible Refund Policies: Participants can receive a full refund if the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the start time.

  • Importance of Customer Satisfaction: Reviews from previous participants highlight the overall rating of 5.0, indicating high customer satisfaction.

  • Insights from Traveler Photos: Traveler photos provide visual feedback on the experience, aiding potential participants in their decision-making process.

  • Review Authenticity Checks: Viator conducts authenticity checks on reviews to ensure credibility and transparency.

Additional Information

Along With the culinary experience making Alfajores in Montevideo, participants can explore the city’s vibrant food scene and cultural landmarks. Montevideo boasts a rich culinary heritage that reflects a fusion of Spanish, Italian, and indigenous influences.

One can explore the local ingredients used in Alfajores, such as dulce de leche, cornstarch, and coconut, gaining insights into traditional Uruguayan flavors. On top of that, the workshop may introduce recipe variations that showcase modern twists on this beloved sweet treat.

Legal Information

Navigating the legal aspects of the culinary experience making Alfajores in Montevideo is essential for participants to ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure in exploring Uruguay’s gastronomic traditions. When engaging in this activity, it’s crucial to be aware of the following:

  • Viator policies: Familiarize yourself with Viator’s terms and conditions to understand the booking and cancellation procedures.

  • Viator reviews: Check Viator reviews to gain insights from other travelers who’ve participated in similar culinary experiences.

  • Cancellation policy: Understand the specific policies regarding cancellations, refunds, and changes to your booking.

  • Terms & Conditions: Review Viator’s terms and conditions to have a clear understanding of how the experience operates within the legal framework provided by the platform.


Wondering how to find your way to the culinary experience making Alfajores in Montevideo? The directions are straightforward, and the experience promises to be delightful. The location is easily accessible via public transportation, making it convenient for participants. The use of local ingredients adds an authentic touch to the recipe variations you’ll explore during the session. To give you a glimpse of what to expect, here’s a simple table showcasing some of the local ingredients commonly used in Alfajores:

Local Ingredients Description Usage
Dulce de Leche Sweet milk caramel Filling for cookies
Maicena Cornstarch Cookie dough
Coconut Flakes Shredded coconut Cookie coating

Common questions

What Is the History Behind Alfajores and Why Are They Popular in Montevideo?

Alfajores originated in Spain and were brought to Montevideo, where they became a beloved treat in local culture. These delicate cookies sandwich a sweet filling, with popular flavors like dulce de leche, coconut, and chocolate, reflecting Montevideo’s culinary preferences.

Are There Any Special Ingredients or Techniques Used in Making Alfajores in Montevideo?

In Montevideo, bakers create alfajores with baking secrets and unique flavors, embodying cultural traditions and local techniques. Special ingredients like dulce de leche and cornstarch, along with delicate assembly, set these treats apart.

Can Participants Customize Their Alfajores With Different Fillings or Toppings?

Participants can fully customize their Alfajores with different fillings and toppings, allowing creativity to shine. From classic flavors to unique combinations, personal preferences are catered to. This hands-on experience encourages experimentation and flavor exploration.

Is There an Option to Purchase Additional Alfajores to Take Home After the Experience?

Alfajores availability includes take-home options for participants looking to savor the sweet treats later. Indulge in the culinary experience making Alfajores in Montevideo, where guests can purchase additional delights to enjoy beyond the hands-on session.

Are There Any Traditional Drinks or Beverages That Are Typically Served Alongside Alfajores in Montevideo?

Traditional beverages like mate, a popular herbal tea in Uruguay, and cafe cortado, a coffee with a small amount of steamed milk, are commonly served alongside Alfajores in Montevideo. These pairing options complement the sweet flavors of the treat.

Last Words

Set out on a sweet journey through the streets of Montevideo with Stephannie Campos’ Alfajores making experience.

With hands-on crafting and a 5.0 rating from travelers, this culinary adventure promises to be a highlight of your visit.

Book now for an intimate and delicious experience that will leave you craving more.

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