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Dubai Tourism - For Group tour, Family Tour, Honeymoon tour, Business tour

Dubai is a global city and one of the most popular cities for tourists and business associates. Dubai, first shot to fame because of its oil refineries but now tourism is the main income generator in Dubai.  There is a lot of scope for tourism here as it has many tourist places. Some of the highlights of the Dubai tourism packages are places of visit such as Al Ahmadiya School, Dubai museum, Heritage and Diving Village, heritage sites like the Bastakia Quarter and Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. Amusement parks such as the Wadi Wadi park and the artificial ski park called the Ski Dubai are important places.
The Dubai tourism deals also entail a trip to the desert for the desert safari which is full of e buffet feasts with barbeque and Sheesha smoking. And to entertain, there are beautiful and graceful belly dancers dancing around. Shopping is a delightful experience here as you could get the best of electronics and gold in Dubai. The various malls and supermarkets promise you a lot of fun and delight. The beach tour across the Jumeira road which is also home to some of the most spectacular hotels in the world is an integral part of Dubai tourism. Two of the significant hotels of Dubai are the Jumeira beach hotels and the Burj Al Arab.  

The Dubai tourism packages promises you the best of places to stay. The best of hotels and resorts are booked for you which is the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Travel arrangements for sightseeing are also some of the best. Check out all this and much more in the Dubai tourism packages.  The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is a very popular tourist attraction with restaurants and shopping areas around.  The best of tourism is brought to you this way.

Dubai Honeymoon Package - Offering Best places for honeymoon couples

Dubai is one of the Best places for honeymoon. There are so many things that you could check out here. The beautiful adventure parks and the many beautiful destinations bring you to the best of Dubai. The Dubai honeymoon packages take you the various beaches of Dubai. Jumeirah Beach, the Palm Beach and the Al Mamzar Park in Dubai are some of the best beach side destinations that you could check out. Besides, there are several other parks and romantic destinations here. The Dubai Creek is one of the most picturesque destinations here.

Find out this and a lot more under the Dubai packages. If you love adventure, you could check out the various amusement parks like the Atlantis Marine & Waterpark, Ski Dubai, Modhesh World, Wild Wadi Water Park, Aquaventure Water Park, Ski Dubai, Dreamland Aqua Park, Wonderland Water & Theme Park, and Al-Nasr Leisure land. Shopping is one of the most popular things that you could do here during your Dubai honeymoon. The many beautiful malls and gold souks and other souks give you the best of tourism here.

The Dubai desert Safari are very interesting along with the grand feast and the belly dancing performances. This is a unique experience that you wouldn't want to miss in Dubai. Some of the best places to visit in Dubai also include the mosques like the Grand Mosque , The Emirates Office Tower, the Burj Khalifa, The Rose Tower and the 21st century Tower. The Palm Island of Dubai is the world's biggest artificial Island. Enjoy the best moments of your life in the Dubai honeymoon tour.

Dubai Honeymoon Tour - Perfect Place for Newlyweds

The beautiful emirate of the UAE- Dubai is a very popular destination for honeymoon couples. The Dubai honeymoon packages promise you some of the best travel and stay destinations. The choicest of the luxury hotels are offered for you in the Dubai honeymoon packages. Dubai is not generally known for its heritage sites, but it offers you some lovely sky scrapers, museums and water parks that can entice any tourist. Dubai offers you a host of honeymoon destinations. It is galore with romantic destinations and shopping arcades.

Some of the attractions include desert safaris, camel rides and also trips to remote villages on the outskirts. There are a whole lot of popular destinations that you could visit during your romantic Dubai honeymoon packages. These include Al Fahidi Fort, the various amusement parks like the Wild Wadi Water Park, Ski Dubai, the places around the Dubai Creek and the Grand Mosque of Dubai.
The Best Dubai honeymoon packages gives you a trip to the exciting beaches of Dubai as it offers you highly romantic environment as opposed to din and bustle of the city. Shopping is a fantastic proposition in Dubai, as it is here that you get the best of international goods at a fair price. The Dubai honeymoon tour promises you the most memorable time of your life.

Destination Dubai Tour

Dubai as a tourist destination offers you a whole lot of tourism delights. There are so many places that you could visit in Dubai that range from shopping destinations to entertainment destinations. Some of the popular destinations in Dubai include the Al Fahidi Fort which is the most important historical monument here. Now it's converted into a museum known as the Dubai museum. Besides this there are many amusement parks here. Some of the most known amusement parks include Atlantis Marine & Waterpark, Ski Dubai, Modhesh World, Wild Wadi Water Park, Aquaventure Water Park, Ski Dubai, Dreamland Aqua Park, Wonderland Water & Theme Park, and Al-Nasr Leisureland.

The other important parks and gardens include the famous Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai Creekside Park, Mushrif Park, Al Mamzar Park and Safa Park. The other important destinations that can be covered in Dubai include the beaches of Dubai. They are The Jumeirah Beach, the Palm Beach and the Al Mamzar Park in Dubai. The Dubai Creek is the most picturesque location of Dubai. The Al Maktoum Bridge is very interesting. There is a shallow lagoon here which has been turned into a wildlife sanctuary here. If you are in Dubai , you cannot miss the skyscrapers here. These include the Emirates Office Tower, the Burj Khalifa, The Rose Tower and the 21st century Tower. The Palm Island of Dubai is the world's biggest artificial Island. The Grand Mosque of Dubai is also not to be missed as its one of the world's largest mosques. Teh Dubai City Center is the ultimate shopping center in Dubai. It has more than 300 shops to its credit of the best brands. Thus there are unlimited opportunities for shopping in Dubai.

Dubai Adventure Tour

Dubai adventure tour packages are very popular as Dubai has slowly risen above shopping tourism and luxury tourism. There is a lot of scope for adventure tourism. Some of the important adventure activities that you could check out in Dubai are Desert Safaris, Mountain Climbing, Sky Jumping, Scuba Diving, Water Surfing, Crab Hunting, Dune Bashing, Sailing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Go Karting, Wadi Bashing, Sand Skiing, and Sand Storming .
These activities are extremely attractive to the tourists. The other important adventure sports activities here include water sports activities that are taught in the Emirates Sailing School and Dubai offshore Sailing Club. You will have the opportunity to try out wreck and deep water dives. The Desert Safaris in Dubai is a not to miss activity. Here you could check out the interesting sand dune travel in jeeps. You could also indulge in camel rides.

The grand feast in the midst of the desert along with graceful belly dancers doing the rounds is truly exciting. You could be a little more adventurous and take part in powerboat races and sand skiing. The beaches of Dubai offer you a whole range of water sports which is bound to excite you. Try out windsurfing, scuba diving, water surfing and sailing in the waters of Dubai and make the most of your holidays. These will be the best of your holidays that you are likely to cherish for a lifetime.

Situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai gleams in the shimmering sands of the Arabian Desert. For long it has been known to be the top tourist destination of the rich and famous, especially the west, with movie actors, sports personalities, business tycoons, politicians swarming the streets and beaches of Dubai, catering to varied interests ranging from shopping, music, food, and multiple Dubai adventure tours. But in addition to that, in recent years, the city has also been a professional hot spot, where a significant number of people from the developing countries are flocking to for well paying jobs.

While shopping, music and food, can be fun for the more culturally inclined, the real deal in Dubai is its wide platter of Dubai adventure tours. Adventure tour in Dubai ranges from safaris to hot air balloon flights, to seaplane flight, sand boarding, overnight safaris, bike safaris amongst many more. If one has the brave spirit of adventure and a love for suntan, an adventure tour in Dubai must be on the top of the list of things to do.

There are multiple safaris to choose from depending on how much one is willing to spend on a Dubai adventure tour. The safest bet would be to go for a 4x4 Dubai desert safari that cruises through the day into the far reaches of the enchanting desert, and then rests at the end of the day for a calming dinner under the cool breezes of the night. Alternately, one could opt for a private tour: 4x4 adventure safari from Dubai that would give the leisure and comfort of a private vehicle that would take one on an adventurous tour into the sand dunes of the desert and then dinner at night. But if you wanted to extend this experience a little longer then you could choose the Private Overnight Safari that includes not only a ride through the desert in the evening so you won’t miss the beautiful sunset, but also a belly dance show by a bonfire, which would conclude in a delicious barbeque dinner. Tents are pitched by night so you can sleep peacefully under the night sky strewn with twinkling stars.

But if you want to step it up a couple of notches then next on the list of an adventure tour in Dubai is a Quad bike/ ATV safari, that anyone over the age of 15 can sign up for. It would be the experience of a lifetime to ride on a 450 CC quad bike though the meandering dunes of the desert. One bike ride would usually last from 2 to 3 hours, and you could pick the time of the day that you prefer, viz., morning or evening. Now when you feel like you could do something that does not involve sand in your shoes, you could hop on the famous Dubai hot air balloon that would take you on a breathtaking and exciting sky view tour far into the desert, and give you the experience of a lifetime as you spot oases, camels and gazelles. This is mostly an early morning expedition, but it is worth rubbing off the sand in your eyes early in the morning, for such an experience.

Dubai Honeymoon Packages - Memories Unlimited

Dubai has always been known to be an entertainment city that offers you several sources of entertainment like its shopping malls and amusement parks and so on. But it can be a romantic place as well. The Dubai honeymoon packages help you locate some of the most romantic places in Dubai. The beaches of Dubai, the various restaurants and dining destinations, the lavish hotels and honeymoon suites all play a perfect role in making your honeymoon absolutely romantic.

The Dubai desert safari is the highlight of the Dubai honeymoon packages. You could take a joyful ride on a jeep to the adventurous sand dunes in the desert. The lavish feast that waits in the middle of the desert is a true treat. The typical Arabic cuisine along with Hooka reminds you of a king. The belly dancers gracefully dancing around are also a true treat. You could also take great joy in camel rides. Dubai has some fantastic sky scrapers, museums and water parks that can entice any tourist. You could shop till you drop in Dubai in the deserts Some of the popular destinations that can be covered in the Dubai packages are the Al Fahidi Fort, the various amusement parks like the Wild Wadi Water Park, Ski Dubai, the places around the Dubai Creek and the Grand Mosque of Dubai.

The other places include Al Ahmadiya School, Dubai museum, Heritage and Diving Village, heritage sites like the Bastakia Quarter and Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. You could check out the beaches of Dubai as well. The best of hotels and resorts await you in Dubai. There are hoards of places for tourism. Buy souvenirs for your dear ones from the many shopping destinations here. The romantic environment offered here is par excellence. Beautiful parks and other destinations lie in store for you here. This truly will be a honeymoon you will remember all your life. The Dubai packages ensure that you have all the comfort, romance, and adventure and leisure time to make it a memorable event of your life.

Dubai Travel Packages

Dubai is one of the most beautiful tourist cities which are one of the princely cities of the seven emirates. This particular city of Dubai is benchmarked by the world’s tourist for its outstanding charm and attraction of the beautiful geographical terrains, tranquil turquoise Blue beaches with gleaming sand, mountains, oasis and deserts coupled with its colorful amazingly blended mix culture.

In this present scenario, you need not worry about your trip. These travel packages like the Dubai tour packages will find you various well arrange sites according to your destine target tourist spots. Such type of travel packages are the best means for travelling tours and holidays as they serve the best in every possible ways, all the requirements and needs for perfection of holiday trip are well arrange systematically by travel operators for you to undertake the trip in the most enjoyable and comfortable ways. Pick up any of them and select according to your interest and liking to make your vacationing days fulfilling with fun and satisfaction to the full by exploring new world and new culture of Dubai.

Dubai has two faces on each side of the creek where at one side you can explore the old Dubai. Here in old Dubai travel, you will come across the glorious traces of the ancient past including experience of ancient mosques, museums and umpteen markets which is best known as souks. While on the other side of the creek there is the modern Dubai with famous cities and towns sprawling with marvelous architecture, tall skyscrapers and man-made islands which fully reflects the future of next Dubai.

Apart from this for those adventure and sports lovers, you can still enjoy the magic of snow in Dubai like that of Switzerland or Manali. There are cities built with an indoor ski resorts where you can enjoy snow throughout the year without waiting for the season of winter to come. Various travel packages Dubai offers incredible host of snow and adventure activities among them are snowboarding, skiing and tobogganing are the most common excitement of tourist in this place. Besides adventure and tour, there are also options for shopping freaks to enjoy shopping of all quality goods at the most reasonable rates. The markets and shops of Dubai ranges goods from Gold to silver jewelry, from spices to other delicious food items, clothes with beautiful accessories and many other electronic equipment's are also available at the most affordable cheap prices for tourist and other visitors of this city.

Even for rest, you can get good accommodations in the elegant Dubai Hotels at the cheapest price compared to other tourist places. On both the sides of creek there are lots of unique style hotels and resorts that offers immense of facilities and services for tourist with endless entertainment and amusements possible.
Thus there are countless reasons for praising Dubai and calling it tourist paradise. Visit it yourself and experience the true color and enjoyment of Dubai tour.

Dubai Tour Packages

Dubai is one of the most interesting tourist fascinating destinations. It is one of the seven emirates that makes up the United Arab Emirates but is rather like an independent city-state and is the most modern and progressive emirate in the UAE, developing at an unbelievable fast pace mainly in tourist and trade sectors.

Dubai is one of the top leading tourist destinations in the world. There are numerous sites interesting and tempting to tourist due to the epic boom of construction on a large scale in Dubai, many tourist attractions are built to attract tourists from different countries of the world. The best way to get enlightenment and enjoyment can be fulfilled by Dubai packages. Book them and get the best retreat mesmerizing holiday experience with tours in this emirate tourist paradise.

Having expanded along both banks of the creek, the city is most probably divided into two parts that is Deira on the northern side and Bur Dubai to the south. The northern part is often called as the old Dubai and south the new modern Dubai. On both the sides tourism remains active and enjoyable with immense of facilities and excitement of varied attractions. There is a regular transport services every day and each side has its share of fine mosque and busy souqs. But the southern part is more developed and modernizes with incredible skyscrapers, magnificent architectures and many other world class facilities are available which shows the rapid development of the city depicting the future of Dubai.

Dubai is blessed with golden sunshine and silvery beaches along with world-class golf facilities remains tempting ever and is also an upcoming sports city of the world. Tourism serves the best from the timeless scenic nature landscape sites to tranquility of deserts to the liveliest bustle of the souk. The city also treasures many of its historical traces which are now quite popular among tourist visitors. Try for tour packages to Dubai and take a speedy expedition to the southern part of the creek and explore the incredible wealth of the past. There are the famous Bastakiya Quarters, Dubai Museum, Grand Mosque which are distinguish as the landmark of the city are well dotted in every nook and corner of the places. The Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House, Burj Al Arab, Jumeriah Archeological site, Jumeriah Mosque, Wild Wadi Water Park and Gold souk and Burj Khalifa are some of the most popular outstanding tourist attractions of Dubai.

Travelling is much easier and fun with Dubai tour packages. It also takes you to the world islands of Dubai which is also one of the most unique man-made islands, shaped into different continents and counties is the most attractive tourist entertaining island which shows that one can develop individual islands into an epitome of personal or corporate luxury. Make a visit and get to know more about places and their skills in places like Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari

The deserts of Dubai are a beautiful experience to explore. You are promised of the best desert rides here. The Dubai desert safari packages ensures that you explore the desert have a sumptuous meal in the middle of the Desert near an oasis and experience a lot of entertainment activities. This is the ultimate adventure that you can have in Dubai. You could have rides on camel backs and of course on jeeps and hummers.

The Dubai Desert safari promise you a whole lot of fun and entertainment along with adventure. Ideally desert safaris are of three types which include Morning, Evening and overnight desert safaris the last one being the most popular one. The outer deserts of Dubai are covered under this Dubai tour. An ideal sari tour includes an adventurous ride on the fascinating sand dunes. The buffet feasts are some of the finest that you can eve dream of. There are loads of places that you can visit in here. 

And to entertain, there are beautiful and graceful belly dancers dancing around. You could also get some camel rides on the desert. The camel rides, drinking water from the Oasis, playing around on the sand dunes, the deserts storms are all unique features that you could enjoy in Dubai. The desert safaris are popular at anytime of the year, though it's better to avoid it during peak summers. After you have explored the deserts to your heart's content, you could also check out the other beautiful sites in Dubai like the Al Fahidi Fort, the various amusement parks like the Wild Wadi Water Park, Ski Dubai, the places around the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Grand Mosque.

The other places include Al Ahmadiya School, Dubai museum, Heritage and Diving Village, heritage sites like the Bastakia Quarter and Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House. You could check out the beaches of Dubai as well. Thus you could cover the desert and also check out the other tourist attractions of Dubai
Dubai is renowned all over the world as the global shopping capital, a place where multiple cultures meet and celebrate one another especially during the Dubai shopping festivals. People from every part of the planet conglomerate in this small but exciting state in the United Arab Emirates for shopping, tours, sightseeing, and experiencing a luxurious and extravagant holiday. Ever since the discovery of oil in Dubai, the economy was met with a boom that soon turned Dubai into one of the most exciting, interesting and fun filled places in the world.

Tours and sightseeing in Dubai involves innumerable things depending on what you like, prefer, or can afford, but because of its location in the enchanting sand dunes of the Arabian Desert, there are many Dubai desert safari tours that are offered. If you are pressed for time and have many things to tick off your itinerary list, then the safest bet would be to opt for a 4x4 Dubai desert safari, that includes a round trip to the desert that will go far into the desert and at the end of the trip, a delicious barbeque dinner is served. Desert safari in Dubai is of many types and one could choose according to one’s budget and time availability. For early risers, the morning Dubai desert safari is recommended, which takes about two hours and includes not just a ride into the desert but also an adventurous camel ride and Quad bike rides. Most Dubai desert safari tours come at affordable prices but are even less expensive during the Dubai shopping festival season that usually commences in January through February.
For those who don’t want to miss out on the beautiful setting of the sun, the best recommendation would be the evening desert safari in Dubai, which would, again, include dinner by a campfire. If one evening or morning does not do the trick, then you surely have to opt for the overnight Dubai desert safari tour. And so in addition to a full day trip around the desert, where you could sit on camels, watch beautiful oases, and then enjoy stunning dance shows by a bon fire next to the camps that would be pitched for you to stay the night with the cool, calming desert.

Dubai desert safari tours have something for everyone and if you’re one of those who would rather not step out in the blazing heat, but still don’t want to miss out on a sumptuous meal in the deep of the desert, then there’s a dinner only trip available, where in addition to the dancing and the sand dune skiing, you could also avail the unique Arabic tea or coffee. Desert safaris in Dubai can also be booked for travelers that are travelling in groups, just in case it got anyone worrying that the desert can’t handle more than just a few people at one time.

It would be incomplete and unfulfilling if the Dubai desert safari was missed out on. It is worth it to experience admiring how people have created such a magnificent culture of tours, travels and enjoyment right in the centre of a desert, there’s no better way to appreciate that than to go on a desert safari in Dubai.

Dubai Vacation Packages - Make your Vacation Delightful

Dubai vacation packages is an interesting prospect as you could check out some of the world's best tourism delights here. You will be overwhelmed with the number of adventure destinations and their variety. There are loads of places that you could visit in the Dubai vacation packages. Shopping is definitely one of the best ways to explore Dubai. Dubai and shopping are almost synonymous with one another. The Dubai tour packages ensure that you have the best of shopping experiences here.

Ski Dubai is an artificial skiing center where you could experience the beauty of ice skiing in the middle of the desert!!! One of the leading destinations of the world, Dubai is by far the most popular city in the Middle East in terms of tourism, shopping and business activities. The beaches, the mountains, the sand dunes of the deserts or the high tech business buildings are just some of the many attractions here. Some of the popular Dubai tourist attractions that you could check out on the Dubai vacation packages are the Al Ahmadiya School, Dubai museum, Heritage and Diving Village, heritage sites like the Bastaskia Quarter and Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House.

The beaches in Dubai that lie predominantly on the Jumeira Road are great tourist attractions and it also has a whole lot of fascinating hotels to its credit. A desert safari that is followed by a royal lunch and barbecue in the backdrop of belly dancing is an exciting feature. An integral part of Dubai vacation tourism is shopping in the various souks and shopping malls which enthrall you with fascinating goods at duty free prices. Al Fahidi Fort, the various amusement parks like the Wild Wadi Water Park, Ski Dubai, the places around the Dubai Creek and the Grand Mosque etc go onto make your vacations truly memorable.

Dubai Holiday Packages - Perfect Venue for your Exotic Holidays

With loads of places to visit, shop and experience, the Dubai holiday packages promises you a lot of fun and delight. This global city in the Middle East is known for its innate beauty and charm. Adventure or comfort or luxury that you are looking for, Dubai offers you all this and much more. There are loads of tourist destinations that you could check out in the Dubai holiday packages. These include the Al Fahidi Fort, the various amusement parks like the Wild Wadi Water Park, Ski Dubai, the places around the Dubai Creek and the Grand Mosque of Dubai while on you Dubai holiday packages.

Some of the other places that can be explored in the Dubai vacation packages are private beaches like the Jumeira beach hotel which spells a lot of hospitality and beauty. The Burg Al Arab is the tallest hotel in the world and is fine example of the technical and engineering ingenuity of mankind. This city is synonymous with shopping and you could be assured of some of the best shopping treats here. Explore the various shopping destinations of Dubai wherein you could get absolutely anything that you could wish for.

These include the best of accommodations with all the comforts in the best of hotels and resorts. The sightseeing tours are arranged in such a way that you could cover the maximum destinations in the most comfortable manner.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai, as it exists today, is like a modern day, fairy tale land, with all of its exquisitely beautiful beaches, impressive state of the art buildings, monuments, luxury hotels that are of architectural magnificence themselves, sumptuous food, exciting night life and extravagant shopping. Perched right in the heart of the Arabian Desert, the city is an experience in itself and has been a tourist and job destination for many years now. And it doesn’t get any more exciting and magical than during the annual Dubai shopping festivals.

Shopping festival in Dubai have been a popular aspect of the Dubai experience ever since they were first started in 1996 by the government of the Emirates to promote and propel trade and growth. It was met with immediate success and hit the skyrocketed to fame, attracting more people than Dubai usually does during the rest of the year. The Shopping festivals in Dubai do not just end with huge and attractive discounts on shopping of gold and other jewelry, but also serves as an important time of the year for the celebration of the culmination of many cultures. In this sense, Dubai has a global nature to its credit, where one would find people from all corners of the world. The festival would generally last for a whole month from January 5th to February 5th, and the city is joyous, full of energy, and bursting with people, fireworks, food, music, laughter and a whole lot of shopping.

If the mall culture is big in Dubai, it gets even bigger during the Dubai shopping festivals. Dubai ups its game and metamorphoses into a global shopping centre of sorts where traders from all over culminate to sell traditional wares and other merchandise. People from all over the globe flock to these monumental malls that are not just great for shopping but also for family entertainment. Another one of the key attractions during shopping festivals in Dubai are the fashion trends that are showcased at the fashion shows during the week. In addition to that, the choices for food are so varied that one would be disillusioned, not knowing what to choose from the wide variety ranging from West European to East Asian to Arabic food. Also what makes the Dubai shopping festival all the more exciting is that all of the major tourist attractions are can be visited and experienced at discounts. Safaris into the deserts, the Dubai hot air balloon tour, trip to the Burj Al Arab, etc are offered at far less expensive during the Dubai shopping festivals. And a lot of people eagerly wait for the annual car raffles.

The easiest way to get around the city during the Dubai shopping festivals would, any day, be the hop on hop off tour bus service, especially if you’re on a budget and want to save all your money to splurge on all of the wonderful discounts that would be available during this time of the year, but then again, Dubai is not short on means of transport and conveyance, and caters to all needs and budgets, depending on how much one would want to spend.

Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai has been, for many years now, the one stop destination for an all encompassing experience. With its tax free shopping, exciting and glamorous night life, azure beaches and skies, Dubai is on the list of must visit places for the rich, famous and adventurous. From the skies, it appears to be a blip in the map of the world, and yet it has the world to offer. From myriad choices in shopping, to warm, sunny, relaxing beaching, to world class pubs and clubs, to breathtaking spectacles of modern architecture, places to visit in Dubai are not few and far between.

If you’ve ever wondered whether the pictures of the Palm Island on the covers of notebooks are for real, then, yes, they are. Often quoted as the world’s largest man made islands, the Palm islands consist of Palm Jibel Ali, Palm Jumeirah and Palm Deira, and can be seen from outer space. Luxurious and exquisite, the Palm Island, as the name suggests, is built in the shape of a palm tree, and is not only aesthetic to look at, but also representative of Dubai’s sub tropical culture and climate. It is no wonder that t figures in one of the top Dubai tourist places.

Dubai represents a cultural amalgamation of sorts and in order to preserve the history and traditions of the Emirates, the al Fahidi fort was renovated and reconstructed into a museum, and has now become of the most frequented places to visit in Dubai. The museum has two parts, one is the architecturally magnificent fort and the second are the galleries that a spiral staircase will lead to. The museum is like a timeline that depicts Dubai from before the discovery of oil to its current cosmopolitan, urban, modern way of life.

Next on the list of Dubai tourist places is the Burj Al Arab. It is the fourth tallest building and the second tallest hotel in the world. It is the quintessential symbol of opulence and modern architecture in Dubai, and built to look like the sail of a ship, also representing the waters close to Dubai, and the navigational tradition of the earlier inhabitants of Dubai. Built on an artificial island, it is often called the only seven star hotel of the world.

For all car sports enthusiasts, the next stop in the list of places to visit in Dubai has got to be the Dubai Autodrome. Not only does it house a racing school and a CIK approved carting track, but is also a favourite spot for hosting musical concerts and international gatherings and convocations. Safe, secure, modern and well regulated, it is another feather in Dubai’s cap.

Of course the best way to see these top Dubai tourist places is the Dubai hop on hop off bus tour. You could choose 19 stops of your choice and the bus will accommodate you in the one that best suits your needs on either a 24 hour, or 48 hour trip around the glitzy and glamorous city of Dubai, at an affordable price.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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