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We are the best for all Goa Tour Packages. Goa is a great place for all Honeymooners and they shouls proceed with advance booking of Goa Packages. Goa Packages is working for Goa Travellers, Visitors, Honeymooners. Goa is a small state, Which is situated in south west of India. Goa was under the rule of protegees, before 1961. It was made free from the Protegees in 1961 by military operation. Goa was made the union territory with submission of Daman and div with its head quarter at pan Jim.

In mid eighties Goa was declared as an Indian state. Pan Jim was made the capital of the state. Goa is a small state cooperatively with its neighboring state. It is situated in between the Maharashtra and Karnataka. Both of these are also very beautiful and historically reputed. State Goa remained under the influence of Britishers and Protegees for centuries. Still this is often the influence of the western culture. Even this state is small but it most picturesque state and the beauty to the state is Goa Tourism. The state is having the capability to attract the tourists. Now, this is often surrounded by the Sea. There are approximately more than 40 sea shores in Goa. These costal areas are undisturbed area. Tourists find much relief here. People refresh themselves here. There is sand all around and very worthy for basking. Whoever opts for tour, he would like to select Goa Trip as his foremost place to go there.

The temperature and climate the place remains same throughout the year the main occupation of the people is tourism and fishing. A little portion of the population is engaged in agriculture and business. Literacy rate of the state is high and people are well behaved and peace loving. It is there honesty and their peace loving coupled with nature of hospitability attracts the large number of tourists in the state of Goa Tour Packages. There are number of world famous hotels ranking up to seven stars. Their standard of services is unique. Taj group, Oberai groups, hotels and resorts of high standards are there. Goa Tourism is main attraction of forieners.it is not less than any heaven for them. Millions of foreigners come at this place to enjoy and refresh themselves every year. Goans know Hindi, Kankan, English and other local dialects. These people follow the principle of non violence.

There are numbers of big and small rivers in the state; there is empire of greenery in the state. People have to cross these rivers by using different kind’s boats. These rivers are also an addition in beauty of the state of Goa Tourism. There is influence of western culture, southern culture and Konkani culture in Goa Tour. The dishes of the state are full of flavors and very testy. These are world famous. There is influence of Protegees, Britishers and Konkani on these dishes are the mixture of all these dishes. Any one who has tasted the Goa Tour . He will like to go again and again at Goa.

About Goa Tourism

Goa Tourism could be a small emerald land around 3,702 Sq.Kms. within the west coast of India, with its natural scenic beauty, exotic beaches, churches and temples, that is known for Its architecture, and festivals and specifically hospitable people with a rich cultural environment, that has a perfect traveler profile in Goa Tourism.

Goa Tourism is definite on the North by Sindhu durg district in Maharashtra, among the East by Belgaum, on the South by Karwar Districts of Karnataka, and on the west by Arabian Sea. A Trip to Goa visit to state is sort of a dream come true. The sandy beaches, the swaying palms, the umpteen options for water sports, the rocking nightlife – all this together make Goa Tourism an affair to remember.

However, its just the above mentioned highlights that make Goa Tour so very special. Goa Tourism attractions exceed far more further. There are small delights at every step in the form of some sightseeing attraction or an aspect of Goan culture that suddenly makes its presence felt. Then, there is the delicious cuisine of Goa that is just loved by a sea food freak. Goa Tourism guide also offers you information on the places to be visited nearby Goa.

Opt for Goa Tourism packages to explore Goa like never before. Here's a quick list of what makes Goa Tourism in India so very special.

Goa Holiday Packages

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Let the tranquil hamlets take you faraway from the busy town life or the colonial buildings and gothic churches hint you of its Portuguese ancestors. Celebrate the fun-filled moments of state vacation Packages. Explore this stunning coastal land in its purest kind while not losing the least of fun and entertainment with ‘Goa Holiday Packages’. Dance at the party on state beaches; fancy swimming, sailplaning and alternative water sports on the coast of Goa. we are going to prepare your occupy the simplest beach resorts in Goa relying upon your budget.

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In the crucible of a nice little coastal land, gently touching the Arabian Sea, discordant colors of the West and the East got mixed and turn into a thing of incredible beauty called-Goa. A paradise on Earth that exhibits vast tourist potentialities, be it the sprawling hills, meandering rivers, lush green fields and not to mention the miles and miles of exotic beaches. Showcasing the distinctive characteristics of its Portuguese ancestors along with the rich and colorful culture of India Goa proves to be the most sensitive and hottest tourist destinations in the contemporary world. Every church and temple, crumbling forts, palm-fringed beaches and coconut grove you pass by, eagerly awaits your acquaintance with the warm, relaxed and effortless existence of the compelling Goa. Goa Holidays Packages offers an opportunity to plan your holidays in Goa with us, a leading Travel Agents in Goa and experienced Tour Operators since 1987. We wish you all the best for your trip to Goa. We have a range to variety Tours to Goa like beach tours, hotel packages, discounted rates for deluxe, five star, and budget hotels including information about Goa.

Goa Honeymoon Packages

Goa Honeymoon Packages Take a remarkable drive towards the lovers and adventurous paradise city, Goa. Though Goa is 4th smallest cities in India thereafter it always gives an unmatchable touch to its visitors by its natural and topological beauty. The tranquil blend of modern and traditional aspects of Indian life, Goa is the most exotic destination to spend a remarkable Goa Honeymoon Packages Tour. This wonderful beach city is beautifully situated on the western coast of the Indian peninsula, Konkan coastal region. Goa is separated from Karnataka in the south, Maharashtra from the North, Western Ghats in the East and Arabian Sea in the West by Terekhol River. The link of National and state highways to this magnificent city make Goa Tourism extremely easy for the vacationers.

Culture of Goa

The culture of Goa Trip could be a distinctive synthesis of native components and extraneous influence. Throughout its patterned history, Goa Tour has nurtured and preserved native art and culture despite being repeatedly conquered by invasive forces. The long rule of the Portuguese has influenced the staten culture in additional ways in which than one and in several aspects of the culture of Goa Trip one witnesses a seamless mix of ethnic and Portuguese traditions. 

Dance and music are an integral a part of the state culture and also the jovial, warm folks of Goa Packages categorical themselves with colourful performances. Goa Trip is that the treasure hoarded wealth of exquisite art and crafts and tourists visiting the state take artifacts as souvenirs.

Communal harmony is a tremendous side of the culture of Goa Tourism with the folks carving a singular Goan identity regardless of their non secular persuasions.

Goa Trance

The Goa trance is a distinctive sub-class of the trance music genre. Trance music is a form of fast-paced electronic dance music usually characterized by a tempo of between 130 and 160 bpm, featuring repeating melodic synthesizer phrases. Also known as 604 in trance music parlance, Goa trance developed as a structured music form in the late 1980s. 

The idyllic beaches of Goa were the genesis of the Goa trance music. During the 1960s and 1970s, Goan beaches such Anjuna emerged as a favorite rendezvous for the hippies, the flower children of the counterculture era. Music was a way of life for the hippies and their experiments with electronic music sowed the seeds for the birth of Goa trance music.

After being confined to the Hippies for the greater part of the 1980s, the Goa trance music started making a conspicuous presence from the early 1990s. The heydays of Goa trance music were around the period 1994-1998, and since then its popularity has been on the wane. In recent years, Goa trance has been largely replaced by its successor, psychedelic trance or psy trance.

Festivals in goa

Goa Tourism is famous for celebrating fairs and festivals with a great pomp. Be it a Muslim festival, Christian or Hindu, each one of them is given equal weightage. In fact, fairs and festivals are the right time to see Goa Tour in full splendor, singing, dancing and enjoying every moment of it. One can see Goa dressed in vibrant colors and taking out processions based on every festival and fair. A complete respect is given to the traditions and festivals are celebrated with proper traditional methods. 

The fairs in Goa Packages are seen as the perfect time to unwind from hectic work schedules and enjoy various types of games. Similarly, the festivals in Goa Tourism are seen as a perfect example of communal harmony. Such moments are celebrated with sumptuous feasts all over the place. During the festivals, each and every colony is decorated with streamers and other materials to express the importance of that event. After all, music, celebrations and equal respect to every religion lies in the heart of Goan people. 

Bonderam festival of Goa

The Bonderam festival of Goa is celebrated on the Divar Island. This quiet little island is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Panaji. The celebration of this festival has a unique history behind it. It is said that many years back, the villagers resented the rules that were adopted for settling disputes regarding the land issues.The Portuguese then set up flags to mark areas where the villagers were unable to take over the lands of the nearby villages. 

The villagers protested against this system by knocking down all the flags. The Bonderam festival is celebrated in the memory of those protests. Every year in August, this small island becomes alive with bubbling activity of the Bonderam festival. The people residing here come together to celebrate this festival and a carnival like atmosphere is created here. Colorful tableaux are created by the people and a massive parade takes place. Every small community or a group of people come together to celebrate Bonderam festival in Goa Tour Packages. Do not miss to visit this place if you happen to be here during August.

There is elaborate feasting during the Bonderam festival and every household is decorated thus presenting a scenic and colorful picture. The villagers engage in a mock fight that represents the knocking down of the flags during the time of the Portuguese. Toy weapons made of bamboo stems are used for fighting and wild berries are used as missiles that are aimed at the rival group. All this is taken in good spirit and all the people come together after the mock fight to eat and drink merrily. 

Feast of St. Francis Xavier

The Feast of St. Francis Xavier commemorates the death of St. Francis Xavier, patron saint of Goa. Fondly called the Goincho Saib or the Lord of Goa, St. Xavier was a Spanish Jesuit missionary who preached Christianity in many parts of Asia. After achieving great success in Goa Trip, St Xavier set sail for China but breathed his last at the Sancian Island, about 10-km from the mainland of China, on December 2, 1552. Feast of St. Francis Xavier Goa Legend has it that when the body of St. Xavier was transferred to Goa Tour the following year, the body was found as fresh as the day it was buried. 

When news of this miracle reached the Vatican, the title of 'Saint' was conferred on Xavier. His mausoleum was erected in the Basilica of Bom Jesus church and the mortal remains were kept inside in a silver casket. The Feast of St. Francis Xavier is held on December 3 every year at the Bom Jesus church in Old Goa. One of the most prestigious Christian festivals in Goa Tourism, the St. Xavier feast draws a large number of pilgrims from different corners of the world who descend here to participate in the morning mass. During the Feast of St. Xavier, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is decorated beautifully and entire Goa Packages comes alive with celebrations and merrymaking. Since this occasion is an important one, people from all over the world come here to participate in the proceedings. The mass prayers begin as early as 4 am and people come from all over to take part in it. The feast usually is celebrated for around 9 days. On this occasion the locality reverberates with a festive ambience and the local vendors set up stalls selling a wide variety of items.

The Bonderam festival of Goa is celebrated on the Divar Island. This quiet little island is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Panaji. The celebration of this festival has a unique history behind it. It is said that many years back, the villagers resented the rules that were adopted for settling disputes regarding the land issues. The Portuguese then set up flags to mark areas where the villagers were unable to take over the lands of the nearby villages. The villagers protested against this system by knocking down all the flags. The Bonderam festival is celebrated in the memory of those protests. 

Every year in August, this small island becomes alive with bubbling activity of the Bonderam festival. The people residing here come together to celebrate this festival and a carnival like atmosphere is created here. Colorful tableaux are created by the people and a massive parade takes place. Every small community or a group of people come together to celebrate Bonderam festival in Goa Tourism. Do not miss to visit this place if you happen to be here during August. There is elaborate feasting during the Bonderam festival and every household is decorated thus presenting a scenic and colorful picture. The villagers engage in a mock fight that represents the knocking down of the flags during the time of the Portuguese.

Toy weapons made of bamboo stems are used for fighting and wild berries are used as missiles that are aimed at the rival group. All this is taken in good spirit and all the people come together after the mock fight to eat and drink merrily. The Goa carnival is synonymous with the state of Goa Package and is the manifestation of the quintessential fun-loving spirit of Goan's at its sublime best. Largely a legacy of the Portuguese era, the Goa carnival has transcended the confines of its religious roots. Seen in a wider context, the carnival of Goa is one of the several carnivals held in different parts of the world that precede the 40-day abstinence period of Lent. The Goa carnival is held for three days and preparation for this colorful extravaganza starts at least three months in advance. 

When the big day comes calling, a riot of colors and merriment engulfs the state with elaborate processions winding through the streets. At the outset 'the king of chaos' or 'King Momo' is chosen and he leads the parade featuring dance troupes and beautiful floats. The Goa Travel Packages carnival parade is an awesome spectacle encompassing a mind-boggling array of activities. Masked revelers dancing to live band music and ornately decorated floats are the highlights of this fascinating jamboree. The carnival culminates with the famous Red-and-Black dance held by the Clube Nacional in Panaji. Over the years, the Goa Travel Packages carnival has come to embody the very best of the unique Goan culture. On the eve of the carnival tourists from all over the world descend on Goa for a sip of the rich heritage of Goa.

The origins and nature of the carnival can be traced to the wild feasts of ancient Rome and Greece. Here, it is important to note that these carnivals started in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies and gradually became known for their revelry. The word Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is derived from a Latin word, which means 'to take away meat' and is an expression of the 40-day period of fasting of Lent. In India the carnival is celebrated only in Goa and not in any other part. It was on the decline even in Goa in the last few years of the Portuguese rule. With the liberation of Goa, the carnival also got revival and boosted the tourism of the state. One of the most colorful festivals in Goa, Shigmo is celebrated by the Hindu majority with joyous festivities and elaborate parades. 

On the eve of Shigmo, usually observed in the month of March, a fiesta of color and rich cultural heritage unfolds across the length and breadth of Goa Tour Packages. Also known as Shigmotsav, the festival spans over a fortnight, with different days earmarked for celebrations in diverse areas. Celebration of Shigmo begins with Naman or collective obeisance of villagers from 9th moon day to full-moon day. During the intervening period village folks bedecked with colorful attire usher in a festive atmosphere by dancing and singing folk songs in temple courtyards. Festivities reach a climax on the 5th day called "Rang Panchami" when people smear each other with 'Gulal' or red-powder. As such Shigmo is often called the Goa's version of Holi. The annual Shigmo parade held on Panaji's 18th June Road is the cynosure of Shigmo celebrations. The parade is a kaleidoscope of Goa's Hindu roots as folk dancers resplendent in traditional costumes and elaborately designed floats depict scenes from Hindu mythology and epics.

A very important event in Goa Trip is the Zatra of Shantadurga. It is basically a colorful procession that is taken out in places like Mapusa, Pernem, etc. in Goa Packages. The Zatra of Shantadurga is usually taken out in the month of December or January. The dates vary according to the Hindu calendar which is based on lunar cycles. The "Zatra" or procession is marked by colorful festivities and merry making. Sri Shantadurga is considered to be a peace loving Goddess and this procession is taken out to honor her. According to legends, Sri Shanta Durga was the Goddess who reasonably settled a major dispute between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. In Goa, there are basically three Hindu temples that worship Sri Shantadurga. These temples are located at Pernem, Kavlem and Footrope. These three places celebrate this festival with much zest and enthusiasm. The Zatra attracts scores of devotees every year in the month of December. The procession of the Shantadurga is very beautiful to look at. The entire day people indulge in merrymaking and sing and dance to begin the start of the procession. At night, beautifully decorated chariots bearing the idol of the Goddess take rounds of the nearby areas and spread goodwill and cheer all around.

The chariots are decorated with colorful paper and streamers and idol is beautifully adorned with gleaming clothes and jewelry. It is a must visit in case you are visiting Goa Trip in the month of December. Christian Festivals the Portugal rule in Goa left a deep and ever lasting Christian influence in this state of India. At that time, people were converted to Christians on a large scale. Though they follow the Christian practices and believe in the Christian faith, but they have not forgotten their roots. People in Goa celebrate all Christian festivals with much joy and enthusiasm. The houses are beautifully decorated with lights and flowers and every Christian house will have a lovely Christmas tree. The splendor with which they celebrate the Christian festivals is worth seeing. Given here are some major Christian festivals of Goa Tour Packages

Good Friday

Every genuine Catholic in Goa celebrates Good Friday with much devotion and enthusiasm. The Christians decorate their houses beautifully and the celebrations usually go on till Easter Sunday. The churches of Goa are beautifully decorated and all devout Christians visit the churches and take part in the celebrations of Goa Tour Packages


Christmas is undoubtedly the most popular Christian festival in not just Goa Trip, but all over India. The entire state looks like a little paradise that is decorated in shades of red, green and white. December 25th is a very important holiday in Goa Tourism and the entire state is decorated with gleaming streamers. Every shop has its own Santa Claus to attract customers and it is the perfect time for merry making.

St. Xavier's Feast

The feast of St. Xavier is celebrated every year on the 3rd December, marking the death anniversary of this revered saint. St. Xavier was a saint who came to Goa Tour along with the Portuguese to propagate the teachings of Christianity to people. He was respected by one and all in Goa Packages and people followed whatever he taught. All through Goa Packages, elaborate feasts are organized in the honor of this saint on this festival.

Margao Feast

Every year in the month of Nay, the Margao Feast is celebrated in the commercial town of Margao. People from all over Goa Packages come to Margao to celebrate this festival with joy and enthusiasm. Feasting and celebration takes place in a large scale all over Margao. Hinduism is the pre-dominant religion in Goa. Though the long years of Portugal have left the Christian influence on Goa, yet Goa Tour has not forgotten its roots and maximum people follow Hinduism. Thus Hindu festivals in Goa are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The best part is that all people celebrate all major festivals as Goans and not as Hindus, Muslims or Christians. The amazing amount of religious tolerance in them is truly commendable. Given here are some major Hindu festivals that are celebrated in Goa Tourism.

Beaches in goa

Goa is located on the Western Ghats of India on the bay of Arabian Sea and a very popular beach destination in India. There are internet cafes, massage centers, gyms, swimming pools, night clubs, etc. along the beach. You can see small markets or shops for marketing. Goa is famous for its weather, mouth-watering cuisine, forts, churches, temples, water sports, make it one of India's special tourist places. The beaches, makes Goa a perfect destination for relaxing vacation in India. Late Night parties with live music, DJ, drinks, and food along the beach side makes Goa more attractive. Most famous beach in Goa is Calangute Beach. Some of the other popular beaches are Agonda Beach Goa, Anjuna Beach Goa, Bogmalo Beach Goa Majorda Beach Goa, Colva Beach Goa and many more. 

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is one the most popular beaches of Goa which is situated 8 kilometers west of Mapusa and 18 kilometers from the capital city, Panaji. The village of Anjuna is located in north Goa, and is a small area, which is nestled between the Arabian Sea and a small hillock. It overlooks the sea and thus gives a splendid look of the shoreline. The Anjuna Beach is known for its soft white sands and shoreline dotted with exotic palm trees. Its natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Since the Anjuna beach has a rocky promontory, the ocean currents are not very strong and it offers the perfect locale for bathing and playing in the water.

Tourists look forward to enjoying the water along with getting tanned in the sun. Sun bathing is a very popular activity on the beach. Anjuna is famous for its flea market which one can find towards the north where small cafes, bars and ethnic Indian handicrafts stalls are lined. One can find just about everything here. The electric items that are kept on sale here are particularly famed. The flea market is held on Wednesdays every week and if you are talented at bargaining, you can get away with good stuff at minimal prices. The main tourist attractions nearby are the Albuquerque mansion and the Chapora fort. Anjuna is also famous for its trance parties that take place on the shore. The music played is usually loud psychedelic trance, which transports one to another world literally. These parties usually take place on full moon nights as it adds to the magic of trance music. Getting to Anjuna Beach is not difficult as all forms of transport are available from the major cities. 

Baga Beach

Baga Beach, situated at a distance of approximately 10 km from Mapusa, is one of the most magnificent beaches of Goa. It is considered to be just an extension of the famous Calangute Beach, but is much less crowded than the latter. Infact, it has a number of secluded and peaceful nooks and corners, where one can just laze around and relax. Baga Beach falls on the west coast of Goa, along the mighty Arabian Sea.The rock-strewn and wooded headland of the beach seems to be dipped in an air of tranquility. Though a part of Calangute Beach, Baga boasts of much more variety in its natural beauty. It is the pure and untouched beauty of the beach that draws a large number of tourists, from India as well as abroad.

There is no accommodation problem also, as a gorgeous retreat house is situated atop a nearby hill. Baga beach is especially popular amongst the foreign tourists. They love to indulge in the numerous water sports offered by the beach, along with the fishing trips organized here. The restaurants that have been set up here, said to be amongst the best in Goa, serve as an added attraction. You will find every type of eating joint here, right from the usual shacks found at every beach to bustling pizza corners to the terrace cafes. Even the cuisine offered by them is quite varied. Baga Beach is definitely a place worth visiting in Goa. 

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is located 16 kilometers from Panaji, Calangute beach is popularly known as the "Queen of all Goan beaches". This beach was originally known by the name "kolli gutti", which means "land of fishermen". Due to the Portugal rule, the name got distorted and came to what it is presently known as. The place around the Colangute beach is abundant in coconut trees, which add serenity to the scenic surroundings.The Colangute beach is lined with local shacks, which serve amazing food and drinks. It is an ideal place to check out the local cuisines. Combined with chilled beer, music and lovely backdrop of the beach, it is the ultimate place to unwind and relax. To recharge your energy levels, indulge in the various water sports that are offered at the beach.

There are many music concerts held there every now and then and is a favorite among music and art lovers. There is also an art gallery called Kerkar Art Gallery located on the beach, which attracts all art lovers who look for a soul-searching experience. It is said that the hippies were the first ones to find this beautiful land. As they spread the word among fellow hippies, the Colangute beach attracted more and more people and today is one of the busiest beaches in Goa thronging with locals and tourists. The beach has a leveled shoreline and not rocky at all. This makes it ideal for indulging in daring adventure sports and diving. 

Candolim Beach

Candolim Beach is situated in the northern side of Goa. It is the perfect place for those who have come on a vacation to forget the tensions of their daily life and intend to spend their time relaxing and rejuvenating. Though it doesn't boast of too many facilities, the beach can surely be your answer to the serene surroundings that you are looking for. The lip-smacking cuisine available at the food stalls lining the Candolim Beach of Goa will only serve to complete the delightful experience.All you need is a mat and a beach umbrella and you can spend the entire day sipping in the delights of nature. The surroundings are so calm and serene that you can even indulge in yoga and meditation. Even the rush is not too much, mainly because of the fact that there are no resorts around the beach.

Candolim Beach is the first beach that can be approached from Panaji, the capital city of Goa. With youngsters, monks, artists, researchers, tourists and adventurers, the crowd of Candolim is quite varied. However, all of them have the same purpose, to lose themselves in the tranquility of the place and forget all their frustrations. For those who love adventure, there are a number of options for water sports, like parasailing and water skiing. The scrub-covered dunes augment the magnificence of the, otherwise, plain and sandy Candolim Beach. While visiting the beach, do not forget to have a look at the famous Aguada Fort, built by the Portuguese in the year 1912, along with the church and the lighthouse. 

Chapora beach

Chapora beach of Goa is a small fishing village located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Mapusa in north of Goa. It has managed to ward off commercialization and too many tourists by being essentially a fishing village. The Chapora beach has retained its natural charm and maintains itself on a meager budget and constant efforts of the local villagers.It is nestled under a thick canopy of coconut trees and though the beach is not as vast as other commercialized beaches, tourists come here since it is less crowded and serene. An added attraction at the Chapora beach is the magnificent Chapora fort that was built many years ago during the Portugal rule.

The fort is now in ruins and provides a mystical and dramatic look to the Chapora beach. You can easily go and explore this fort and feel the old world charm that still lingers here. The fort provides a breath taking view of the beach and sure to leave you mesmerized once you go there. One can easily climb the old walls of the fort but be careful as they are really old and you may slip if you are not alert.The Chapora beach has no dearth of eateries and one can find many small shacks lined up on the beach that offer delectable cuisines along with chilled drinks. There are many cafes and restaurants that you will find on the road to Chapora beach. They offer good services and tasty food at reasonable prices. The food scores full marks and the taste will leave your taste buds craving for more. If the spicy and pungent food leaves you with a grumbling tummy, worry not. You can cool it down by gulping the fresh and chilled milkshakes that are available here.

Colva Beach

Colva Beach the lively and bubbly movements of the sea waves make the sea look like it is dreamily enjoying the tickling vibrations spread by the waves riding over it. This is how you can describe the sea at Colva beach. You have to go to the Colva beach to experience the sheer laidback waters and relaxed environ. To make your visit more interesting, just gather your compilation of favorite books and head for Goa's Colva beach. You can spend the day relaxing on the shore, reading the books with just the sighs of the sea to perturb you. The Colva Beach skillfully manages to keep its serene and peaceful landscape intact. The Colva beach in Goa has gained popularity recently. Colva beach is one of those beaches in this small Indian state of Goa that is developing at a very rapid pace with the advent of many hotels and resorts in the nearby areas.

There are a number of shacks lined up along the Colva beach that offer you delicious Goan cuisine along with innovative cocktails. You can relax in one of those shacks and savor the mouth-watering food that is served while looking at the cosmic sea in front of you. The Benaulim Beach is located approximately 2 kilometers away from Colva beach. This beach is even more calm and tranquil than the Colva beach. The Benaulim Beach provides a prospect to see the lovely nature in its emotionally enriching form, with virtually no disturbance from the outside world. While wondering around, one can spot age-old Portuguese homes still standing on the shore. As far as big shopping complexes or markets are concerned, Colva Beach still has to develop. But there are a lot of trinket shops and drink stalls on the beach where one can buy artifacts, antiques and gifts for friends waiting back at home. Open-air eateries serving seafood and Portuguese dishes are in abundance on the shore. 

Dona Paula beach

The Dona Paula beach is a popular tourist attraction in Goa. It has been the shooting locale of many Indian movies and offers a variety of water sports. The beach has a mysterious past. It is said that the spirit of Dona Paula de Menzes, daughter of a viceroy (in colonial India) haunts the beach. The Dona Paula beach has been named after her. It is said that she threw herself off the cliff when she was refused permission to marry a local fisherman, Gaspar Dias. Locals say that she is sometimes seen emerging from the waves on a moon lit night. Most tourists are attracted by this story and come here to feel the romantic mysticism of the place. Another major attraction is the vast variety of water sports this beach has to offer. One can try out diving, skiing, surfing, sailing, etc here at the Dona Paula beach.

For the not so daring, there is always the option of floating, light swimming and sun bathing on the shores. The beach has many small shacks and street markets which sell handicrafts and Indian stuff. You can also buy good beachwear at minimal prices if you can bargain. Another tourist attraction near the beach is Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. It is a small piece of land, which homes many species of exotic flora and fauna. Getting to Dona Paula beach is pretty easy as it is well connected by roads. You can get in a cab or hire a bike to reach here and explore the adventurous and romantic Dona Paula beach. Visit the National Oceanography Institute and check out the impressive Marine Biology Museum there. You can also check out Cabo Raj Niwas which is the Governor's house and it is said that Dona Paula was entombed here. So visit Dona Paula beach of Goa and have the experience of a lifetime. 

Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is located 3 km from Panaji, the Miramar beach is a bustling tourist hub due to its close proximity to the town. Miramar in Portuguese translates to 'viewing the sea,' an apt sobriquet considering the azure waters of the mighty Arabian Sea that expand into the horizon. The beach was previously known as the Gaspar Dias beach. Spread over a stretch of 2 km, the Miramar beach teems with vacationers and locals all the time. Pulsating with activities, the Miramar beach is definitely not the ideal place for those looking for a tranquil beach vacation. Apart from tourists, the beach also serves the cause of the people of Panaji, quite a few of whom come here an evening stroll.

Panaji is just a fifteen-minute walk along the riverfront avenue called Dayanand Bandodker Marg, named after Goa's first chief minister. From the Miramar beach one can enjoy a panoramic view of the Aguada fort just across the Mandovi River. Due to its urban nature, accommodation is not a problem in the Miramar beach and a number of beach resorts and hotels are located in close vicinity. One of those few beaches with a naturally mystical look, the Vagator beach does not have to try too hard to attract visitors.

Vagator Beach

It is located in north of Goa in Mapusa district and can be reached easily by hiring a taxi or an auto. Certain buses from Mapusa also come to the Vagator beach. This lovely beach has been the locale of many film shootings in India. The beach looks absolutely ravishing with red laterite cliffs and black lava rocks here and there on the fine white sand. The swaying coconut trees and turquoise blue sea with a ship on the horizon looks like painting moving in front of your eyes. Another dramatic effect to the beach is given by the 500 year old Portuguese fort situated on the beach. The fort provides breath taking view of the sea and the beach and you can click some really stunning pictures from the fort. These factors make the beach truly enjoyable and worth visiting.

It is the perfect place to be if you are looking for a romantic holiday with your beloved or a quick getaway with your best friend. The beauty of the beach provides the perfect treat for your soul. The Vagator beach is also famous for the freshwater springs. The tourist inflow at the Vagator beach is quite relaxed thus making it a laid back destination. You can easily let your hair down and be at peace with yourself as you let the magic of unspoilt nature take over you. The Vagator is split into two beaches known as north Vagator and mini Vagator beach. These beaches are very popular with mostly British tourists who come here to enjoy the natural beauty of unspoilt surroundings. The Vagator beach is not a prominent stop in most tourist trails, the necessary structure has yet to come up. Accommodation is limited and the beach is mostly thronged by budget travelers. 

Around goa

Most of Goa's larger towns are situated in the coastal belt where the Portuguese first settled, and their character was formed slowly through the centuries of Christian rule. They are small certainly by Indian standards, as the mainstream of Goan life flows largely in its villages.

Apart from well-known centers like Panjim and Old Goa, there are places like Margao and Vasco, Mapusa, and many other places of tourist attraction

Margao and Vasco :

Margao, the second largest town in Goa and the principal commercial center. There are some interesting places around Margao.

About 3 Km. from the small village of Raia, which is one the road from Margao to the Borim Bridge, is the Rachol Seminary and Church. The old church dates from the early 1600's and the seminary has interesting architecture, a decaying library and interesting paintings of Christian characters done in Indian styles. A few other towns are sprinkled around the territory: Vasco da gama is slowly developing into an industrial center: Marmagoa, Goa's port, is one of India's finest natural harbor's; Mapusa in north is an interesting traditional market town.

Mormugao Harbor :

It is situated (4 Km from Vasco-da-Gama) is one of the finest natural anchorages on the West coast of India and the hub of intense maritime activity.

Pilar :

Has a length of11 Km. Important religious and educational center of Christian missionaries. The church, seminary & school a top hillock command a magnificent panorama of the countryside around & a fine view of Margao Harbor & Zuari River. 

Dudhsagar Water Falls :

One of GAO's most stunning natural sights is the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, said to be India's highest. This 2000-foot torrent of water is hidden deep in the 90 square miles of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary on the edge of Western Ghats close to the Karnataka border. A popular destination to hikers and trekkers.

The Rustic Retreat :

Situated on the extreme northeast tip of Goa, Nestled in a valley amidst verdant mountains with grassy expanses, lush green fruit bearing trees and gurgling rivulets. En route the plantation, visit the famous Bicholim Pottery Studio, where one can witness the artisans at work.

Mapusa Market :

Friday is the day to visit Goa's biggest market in the Northern town of Mapusa. A full day of colours, noise and exotic smells; you can buy anything from a needle to a pig.


City Tours of Old/ New Goa :

A half day trip to Old Goa to view Se Cathedral, the largest Church in Asia and the Basilica of Bom Jesus which houses the relics of St. Francis Xavier, Dona Paula, Miramar beach and Panjim city with it's Old Latin Quarters.

Full Day Tour of North & South Goa The Tour covers Old Goa, Shantadurga Temple.

Grand Island Trip :

A Full day we head out to grand island, spotting dolphins on the way. On arrival we drop anchor, where you can swim in the crystal clear waters and

snorkel viewing the marine life (all snorkeling equipment is provided). We then head east to monkey beach where we have a traditional B.B.Q. and fresh fruit. The rest of the afternoon can be spent relaxing on the beach. We arrive back at Dona Paula. All our boats are equipped with life jackets/ first aid kit.


Spice Plantation :

Arrive at a Spice Plantation, after a comfortable drive through small Villages, Old Goa and picturesque Mandovi River.

Goan Crocodile Dundee :

A day out cruising along the back waters of the Zuari river in a giant canoe. A chance to see some of Goa's exotic bird life as well as the Indian Mugger Crocodile which lurks along the river banks. Lunch is at a typical Goan farmhouse and is followed by the lazy journey back past fishermen preparing for the evening catch.

A Trip Over the Mandovi :

A tastefully decorated cruiser takes you for a lovely ride up the river Mandovi past Adil Shah's summer palace to the historic Mandovi bridges and then down the river to the Arabian Sea at Reis Magos fort from where one gets a Panoramic view of the grand Fort Aguada, Majestic Cabo - The governor's palace, the sprawling Miramar beach and the glorious sunset. The atmosphere on the boat is festive, with a colorful announcer welcoming you on board and local Goan dancers performing local folk dances for you on board as you sail with live music.

Best Time to Visit in Goa

Usually the climate of Goa is temperate, except during in the monsoon, which lasts from June to September. Thanks to the coastal Konkan region and the backdrop of the Western Ghats, weather of Goa Trip is pleasant and sunny. There are no extremes in temperature and no clear demarcations from one season to the other except for the monsoon. 

The average temperature at Goa Packages varies between 25°C - 30°C (67.96F - 81.56F Approx). The average rainfall is approximately 325cms, the average daily hours of sunshine is nine to ten hours in summer and three to five hours during the monsoon. 

Monsoon Season in Goa

The main feature of the climate of Goa Tourism is the monsoon, which occurs between June and the end of September. Goa Trip is in the path of the southwest monsoon, thereby experiencing a dry period lasting six to eight months of the year, followed by the annual rainfall, which occurs over the remaining four months. During the two months preceding the onset of the monsoon the humidity increases dramatically, and the normally clear skies become hazy and then cloudy. During the monsoon, 250cm to 300cm of rain is normal, although in the Western Ghats the downpour is considerably high than on the coast. 

Once the monsoon has run its course the skies clear and the weather of Goa becomes pleasant. For four to five months, from October through February the climate of Goa Tour is near perfect-cloudless blue skies, warm but not oppressively hot days, and calm seas. By mid-March the humidity starts to rise as the monsoon begins to approach again

Goa Packages FAQ

1) When is the best time to visit Goa Trip?

The most suitable time to explore Trip to Goa is from the month of October to March because the climate is moderate and pleasant as well . The temperature in winter is from 15 - 30 degree Celsius.

2) What is the rate of bike (or any non gear vehicle) on rent taken to move around?

Non gear vehicle rent for full day will be between Rs.250 to Rs.350 and bike rent will be between Rs.450 to Rs.600

3) Which are the famous/popular dishes in goa?

To name a few non-veggies can order Chicken Cafreal, Prawn Balchao, Ambok Tik, Pork Vindaloo. Goa offers equally good options for vegetarians also with a wide range of regional vegetarian thalis from North-Indian, South-Indian, Jaini thali, marwari thali & so on.

4) Things to avoid in traveling when going to goa?

1. Don't stuff your bag with any heavy or warm clothes unnecessary.

2. Avoid carrying lumpsum amount of cash with you. Prefer cheques and credit cards.

3. Avoid stuffing much of eatables or vessels in your bag.

5) What all are the tips for a goa traveler?

Goa is connected to the rest of the country through all major forms of transportation, which include air, railways and roads. 

Keep your money safe in a wallet in your baggage. 

It's better to carry traveler's cheques than liquid money.

People know English, Konkani, Marathi and Hindi languages in Goa. 

Cotton is the most prefered fabric at seaside. 

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