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If you are planning to escape to South East Asia for vacation, Singapore Malaysia Tour package is the ideal place for you. Gifted with a host of tourist attractions such as picturesque islands, heart-stirring beaches, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries, colorful festivals, happening nightlife, world-class infrastructure, and international shopping experience, Malaysia is truly a paradise in South East Asia. Malaysia sheer diversity of tourist’s attractions is amazing and offer truly unique experiences that one will love to treasure and cherish for a long time. 

Malaysia is truly a sheer wonderment and has several appealing tourism attractions and sightseeing spots that lure a great number of tourists from across the corner of the globe. Malaysia tour package offer visitors to explore and see several inviting Kuala Lumpur the Capital city of Malaysia, Kelantan the Land of Lightning, Penang the picturesque Island destination also called “Pearl of Orient”, Perlis, Sabah the tropical Paradise, Sarawak the Land of Orangutan and Terengganu repository of Malaysia’s cultural and heritage.

Malaysia is truly inviting and is fast emerging as the top holiday destination in South East Asia. It is amazingly beautiful and apart from the interesting places of tourist interest Malaysia Tour lovingly describes as Truly Asia also offer cosmopolite cultural experience. The country is also known for its religious feasts, friendly hospitality, well-knit transportation facilities and the Malaya culture that never fail to fascinate the visitors who come for Malaysia tour from across the corner of the globe. So come and enjoy the most cherished moments of your life in Malaysia Tour Package and enjoy vacations in a delightful and memorable way.

We are offering tailor-made standard, luxurious and cheapest Singapore Malaysia tour package at the most competitive price promise to make your tour to Malaysia the most memorable holiday of a lifetime. Come and explore the Paradise of South East Asia, Malaysia and treasure priceless memories to cherish for a lifetime. 

Malaysia Holiday Packages & Cultural Malaysia Tour

Welcome to Malaysia the land lovingly tagged as ‘Truly Malaysia'. Endowed with many natural wonders and man-made magnificence, this beautiful country in Southeast Asia entice thousands and thousands of tourists and holidaymakers from across the globe.

Well talking more about Malaysia it is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Southeast Asia that holds the maximum number of attractions and engage the visitors to let them enjoy a memorable time with wonderful experience and joy. Discover the beauty of Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia which is the main center of commerce, politics, international activities, entertainments as well as holds the historical significance of the country in a much better way than any other places.

So if you are really interested in exploring the beauty of Malaysia, the tropical paradise book our tailor-made Malaysia Holiday package, which is designed to suit the preferences as well as budgets of the tourists to let one and all experience Malaysia – It's Truly Asia.

Malaysia is home to some of the magnificent attractions and our Malaysia Holiday Packages lets you explore the best of attraction and sightseeing spots that will leave an everlasting image and experience to relish in forever.

Malaysia Trip - Important Tourist Attractions To See

There are many beautiful destinations to visit in Malaysia during your Malaysia Trip. Few are listed below to help you to prepare your itinerary of Malaysia tour package -

  • Kuala Lumpur, Penang
  • Langkawi, Genting Highlands
  • Cameroon Highlands
  • Sarawak, Kelantan
  • Penang, Perlis
  • Sabah, Sri Mahamariaman Temple
  • Sultan Abdul Samad Building
  • National Mosque
  • Taman Negara National Park

So plan your Malaysia Trip and enjoy memorable time exploring the undefined beauties and attractions with immense joy and happiness. 

Malaysia Package

Welcome to Malaysia the land of wonderments, where nature rules, culture captivates, historical attractions make you think and the bustling modern charm and wonderments let you feel the aroma and charm of the change of time. Malaysia is truly one such country where people get to see some of the magnificent natural attractions and places of tourist interest that are found nowhere else in the world.

A Malaysia Package let you feel the wonder and gives you the perfect answer to why it is lovingly called Truly Asia. On a trip to Malaysia visitors have lots of options to adorn their holidays with fun-filled memories and moments exploring the splendid beauty and charm of the tempting tourist places that are highlighted below:


Penang is full of enticing attractions and tourism value of the place has remarkably boomed with the charm and beauty of the heritage sites, Hindu and Chinese temple, picturesque beaches, and enchanting culture. Penang is one of the most sought after tourist destination in Malaysia and is visited by scores and scores of tourists from all over the world. The best time to visit Penang is between March and December.

Cameroon Highlands 

Located approximately 200 km away from the capital city Kuala Lumpur, Cameroon highlands is one of the premier hill resorts in Malaysia. Having a population of around 45,000 people the highland is famous for its scenic and charming locations, extensive tea gardens, serene mountains, strawberries farms, and exotic natural beauty. It is the retreat for nature lovers as the natural beauty of the place is something that is beyond imagination. The temperature of the place during the day time reaches hardly around 25-degree centigrade and in the night time may be as low to 12-degree centigrade.

Genting Highlands 

Sandwiched within the one mountain Peak of Titiwangsa Mountains, Genting Highlands the premier entertainment hub is located on the border between Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. It is one of the most preferred places to visit on a Malaysia Tour Package as a tourist not just can enjoy the panoramic view of the scintillating natural surrounding but at the same time surf the crispy air, enjoy the theme attractions, play casino as well as enjoy fine dining in the exotic restaurants and hotels. Genting Highland is one of the major tourist places in Malaysia, which you can never think of missing out.

Singapore Malaysia Tour Packages

Malaysia is not only known for its high tech city, shopping bonanza or the myriad culture and traditions, but it is worldwide famous for its charming beaches that entice tourists and holidaymakers from across the globe.

The Singapore Malaysia Tour Package is considered to be the best in the world as you can explore remarkably beautiful with serene pristine natural surroundings, unique appeal and more of all tranquil ambiances that capture the heart of the tourists and leave them spellbound. So if you are looking for beach holidays of beach honeymoon holidays in Southeast Asia, don’t think beyond Malaysia the tropical paradise rightly described as Its Truly Asia.

Malaysia Honeymoon Package - Best Beaches To Explore

Teluk Chempedak

One of the most popular beach in Pahang in Malaysia is Teluk Chempedak beach. Located delightfully 5 km from Kuantan, the beach is quite popular and famous for water sports and activities that include Sailing, jet-skiing, surfing, and delightful sun-bathing. 

Balok Beach

Balok beach is another popular beach in Pahang in Malaysia. It is well known for its outstanding beauty and charm and more of all a paradise for avid windsurfers. With perfect and heavenly ambiance, tropical breezes and unending white sands, Balok beach captivate the heart of the tourist with its captivating beauty and heavenly atmosphere.

Cenang Beach

Among the many beaches, Cenang beach that stretches for two kilometers dotted with palm and casuarina trees has become the most popular beaches in Langkawi. With tempting options for water sports and activities, vibrant nightlife and lots of shopping facilities and fine dining in the fresco restaurants, Cenang Beach offers tourists to enjoy beach holidays with outstanding experiences of a lifetime. Due to its unimaginable beauty and scintillating charm, Cenang beach is visited by tourists and beach lovers from across the globe.

These are some of the popular beaches of Malaysia but apart from these, there are many other that include Kok Beach, Tengah beach, Tanjung Rhu beach, Emerald Bay, Royal Bay, Coral Bay, Redang Island, Penang Island, Tioman, etc are also very popular. So if you are looking to go for beach holidays in Malaysia or you can explore these with Malaysia honeymoon packages , you can explore the charm and beauty of these wonderful and charming beaches and enjoy holidays with rewarding experiences of a lifetime.

How To Plan - Malaysia Package Tour Or Trip To Malaysia

Malaysia is a country that is located in the southeastern part of the Asian continent. The

country is divided neatly into two equal proportions by the South China Sea and as a result the two different parts of the same country contrast in geographical features and development. The mainland part of Malaysia is the much more urbanized and well-developed part of the country whereas the island of Borneo still is intact with natural beauty and wildlife.

The city of Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the country and is one of the most celebrated cities of the country. As the city is one of the most celebrated cities of the country the number of things to do and see is many. However, one thing that really stands out in this city is the Trip to Malaysia. The colorful and vibrant nightlife of the city is something that makes it one of the most popular and celebrated cities of the country.

The vibrant nightlife exploration during Malaysia Package Tour is made out of many places and things to enjoy that range from pubs to discotheques to roadside stalls. There is a lot you can do in the city of Kuala Lumpur to enjoy your night out. The places to visit and things to do in the city range from extravagant to economical and depending upon your taste you can plan out your night. Some of the most popular places to visit and things to do when in the city are:-

Cafes and restaurants- the cafes and restaurants that add life to the night in Kuala Lumpur are quite different from the regular cafes and restaurants. The cafes and restaurants here seem to be a hybrid of pubs, bars, and restaurants. One can even find DJ's spinning out awesome tracks in these cafes and restaurants. The atmosphere of fun and frolic that lay afloat in the cafes of the city is simply amazing. There are also arrangements of small stages on which performers perform and the performers range from local to international celebrities.

Karaoke lounge- this is one of the hippest and happening places to visit on your night safari of the city. This fast-growing trendy places that have an aura of fun and excitement is a must visit. These places are the most fun-filled places where lasting memories can be created. If you have a passion for singing then this is just a place for you. Built with insulated rooms, monitors and karaoke sets this is a one-stop destination for an evening of fun. Sing along with the lyrics flashing on the monitors and background music providing your company. This is a great place to enjoy with your friends. These karaoke lounges are one of the most fun places to visit on your night out especially when you are with a group of friends.

Mamaks- the name Mamaks originated from the people who first began to sell the street food in Malaysia. The name Mamak comes from the term Indian Muslims who were the pioneers of this culture of street food. Most of the people love to dine on these street-side stalls for the flavors and aromas that reek around them are simply irresistible. This is a must do and eat when in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The food items that one can get here ranges from Indian to Chinese to Western varieties and each has its own unique blend that will definitely tease your taste buds.

Shopping in Malaysia With Cheapest Malaysia Tour Package

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable things to do when in Malaysia. As the country is known as “Malaysia truly Asia” the number of things that you can unearth here is truly amazing and comes from all parts of Asia.

Shopping in Malaysia is really great because of the duty-free areas such as Padang Besar Bukit Kayu Hitam, Rantau Panjang, Pulau Langkawi, Labuan, and Pengkalan Kubur. Shopping in places such as these save you a lot of money as you need not to pay any excise duties or taxes.

There is a wide variety of places that one can shop from when in Malaysia. You can shop at the posh, air-conditioned malls that sell designer clothes of the highest brands or you may shop at the roadside stalls that sell everything from souvenirs to clothes. Shopping in the roadside stalls are really enjoyable as you can find a wide range of things that have come over from different parts of the world. You can browse through the intricate alleys and roadways that are lined with shops that are eccentric and wonderful during your Singapore Malaysia tour package.

About Malaysia Tourism :-

Malaysia conjointly labeled as actually, Asia is one amongst the foremost lovely country in South East Asia that is home to several exciting attractions, lovely beaches, combine culture and traditions, historical monuments and building and for a lot of. In further its harmonious mixture of made culture and traditions, friendly and caring individuals, heat welcome, world category accommodation facilities, straightforward accessibility of the traveler attractions and on high irresistible cuisines build Malaya actually the foremost most well-liked vacation destination in Malaysia Tour Package.

Malaysia is choked with fascination and is visited by tourists from all the nook and corner of the planet. On your tours to Malaya.

You cannot afford to miss to go to a number of the below-mentioned cities and attractions. sure enough, you may be awe-struck with the charm and splendor of Malaya, that currently boost of being the highest country visited in South East Asia.

Langkawi Tour :-

Langkawi is that the sheer marvel and offers you an exceptional experience of tours to Malaya. Its natural splendor, pristine and fresh islands, beguiling beaches and also the pristine waters of the ocean ne'er fails to impress the guts of the vacation manufacturers, tourists, and vacationers. come back and revel in exceptional holidays enjoying beach activities and exploring the splendid attractions that embody underneath water World Langkawi, Pulau Payar Marine Park, Langkawi crocodilian reptile Park, Dataran Lang and also the Craft Cultural Village. actually, these marvelous attractions of Langkawi ne'er fail to impress the guts of holidaymakers UN agency come back from across the planet to the present favored Island destination of Malaya.

Kuala Lumpur Tour :-

Kuala Lumpur is one amongst the necessary cities by tourists on their Malaysia Trip. the town is one amongst the foremost visited within the country that is full with fascination that has radical trendy and cosmopolitan charm, sky arousal building, throbbing nightlife and far a lot of. Here guests will relish a visit to a number of the foremost lovely attractions that embody the celebrated and explore the Malaysia Tourism with Petronas Twin Tower, swayer Abdul Samad Building and Tasek Perdana Lake Gardens and for a lot of. In further one may also experience the throbbing nightlife, enjoyment of irresistible cuisines in exotic restaurants, mood creating wines from the bar and also the heat welcome of the individuals. KL is dotted with sheer magic and goes to supply you unforgettable expertise of tours and travels in Malaya.

Malaysia lives aboard diving cruises will bring you to the best dive sites in Trip To Malaysia. Sipadan liveaboard trips and Layang Layang dive safaris including the Spratly Islands means diving at drop-offs, manta rays, sharks as hammerheads and reef sharks, turtles, school of fishes as Jackfishes and Barracudas, Buffalo Pump heads and much more. If you are flexible in your time plan a combination of Sipadan Islands and Layang Layang/Spratly Islands, you will enjoy some of your best dives ever. The visibility is in a range of 10 to around 40 meters - don't forget to bring your underwater camera.

Malaysia holiday packages are listed below :-


Malacca is a quiet seaside city which is located about 150 Km from Kuala Lumpur. Secluded beaches, rich cultural heritage, and the Portuguese architecture will never fail to impress you on your visit to this quiet city. Truly speaking in Malacca visitors can enjoy a leisure, fun-filled and easy going holidays in the best aspect.


Sabah lovingly called as the land below the wind is one of the most visited by tourist destinations in Malaysia which is not to be missed with your any Malaysia Tourism on your trip here. This beautiful city is blessed by the wonders of nature and geographical variations are wonder to explore here. From the majestic mountains of Mount Kinabalu to the Sipadan Island every attraction is amazing. The striking beaches, amazing rainforests, exotic flora, and fauna entice the visitor’s lot and truly tempt them to visit again and again to this country.

Kuala Lumpur

Hold your heart firmly as the heartbeat is going to raise its level as you step to the capital city Malaysia. The capital city is located on the western coast of the Peninsula of Malaysia. Towering skyscrapers, magnificent cultures, nightlife, colorful festivals truly speaking Kuala Lumpur is the book with many beautiful chapters that is read by all the visitors on your Malaysia Holiday Package. Kuala Lumpur is speckled with attractions that really relate your heart and which will leave you to spellbound. The attractions which are mostly visited by the visitors are Petronas Twin Tower, Sunway Lagoon and Batu Caves. Well, it’s not all that you can visit and explore on your Trip to Malaysia, so hurry and contact a tour operator and designed a Malaysia tour package which will offer you remarkable memories which is the treasure and relish forever.

Cheapest Singapore Malaysia Tour Package

Malaysia in the south-east of Asia is a nation that can be surely cleaved into two. One half of it goes with the peninsular stature that attracted varied colonial exposures and so culminated as modern extravagant regions that seem to outshine its influencers. The other half of Malaysia Tour Package has its pockets filled with nature’s creations and is expository of the true Malaysian ethnicity, religions, and culture. Can be a little confusing to grab the best of both the sides. After pondering hours over each of its moods, here is our list of the top 25 things to do in Malaysia.

 Singapore Malaysia tour package fascination for making sky high-end structures is not only limited to the urban. They have done the unimaginable by making it true even in the raw and unspoiled forest surroundings of the country. It is in the form of a pedestrian bridge that connects the two ends above Mount Mat Cinchand in the Langkawi island group of Malaysia. The cable car ride is the only medium to make it to the Sky Bridge. Offering a splendid view of the lush rain forests and enchanting Telega Tujuh waterfalls, in Malaysia Trip, Langkawi is the most amazing tourist attraction. Bollywood movie lovers can have a moment of recall as some action scenes from the Hindi blockbuster ‘Don2’ was shot at this one of its kind bridge. Besides the spectacular views, the attraction has souvenir stalls at the cable car ends of the bridge. Langkawi Sky Bridge is also considered one of the scariest skybridges in the world.

Another one for wiping off your sweat and it is huge; almost the size of Singapore Malaysia Tour Making an official entry as one of the most extensive hill stations is the Cameron Highlands’ that is in the northwestern edge of Pahang. A beautiful collage of tea plantations, alpine jungles, and foamy waterfalls, the place deciphers the true natural heritage. The most prioritized by tourists for its never-ending beauty, the Boh has a collection of three types of plantations to explore. For the tough, the highlands have strenuous jungle walks, some of which are also fit for the casual travelers. As you will walk to the high altitudes, towns like Ringlet and Brinchang will come your way. Don’t forget to have a look at the large vegetable and fruit farms. Flower farms are also the region’s best offerings. Also learn how the lush and cool topography can provide fodder to the favorite plant of the deserts: Cactus. To your amazement, the highlands juxtapose with a valley of cactus, close to one of its main towns.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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