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Uzbekistan was formerly part of Soviet Union is one of the six independent Turkix states, Uzbekistan is a landlocked country of central Asia. Uzbekistan has great potential for tourism, It was part of world famous Silk Road and one can see thousands of artifacts and evidences of Central Asian culture and life, Uzbekistan has historical, archaeological, architectural and natural treasures.

Travel facilities & tourist movement in Uzbekistan has increased in current years, There are many places to see in Uzbekistan including Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrizabs, Termez, Konkad Etc. These cities were center of science and Arts in ancient time, Beautiful palaces . mosque & mausoleum with great architecture, Great Alexander and Genghis Khan have their impact on architecture., The great Silk road was major part of worlds' economy in old civilization, Silk road had passed through these cities. Now Uzbekistan has modern hotels & guest houses to entertain tourists, International standard cafes and restaurants, modern transportation.

Uzbekistan Tour Packages

Uzbekistan tour is full of adventure and natural beauty, one can travel through living history while visiting old temples tombs etc., Noisy and very colorful markets, traders doing trade in ancient manners .

Desert of Uzbekistan was part of Silk road which was connecting China and Europe, One can enjoy camel riding , sleep in yurts which is only dwelling in desert, though in now a days they fully equipped with modern facilities, One can spend a evening with bonfire and folklore performance.

Mountain ranges in Uzbekistan are awesome and provide beautiful landscapes in Central Asia, Alpine forests, snow capped mountains of Tian-Shan look very beautiful.

Adventure lovers can enjoy trekking, mountain biking,hiking,white water rafting, canoeing, horse riding in summers, There are many mountain resorts with leisure facilities, Winters are full of activities in Uzbekistan.

Tashkent Tour Packages - Capital

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, has a population of more than 2.3 million people and is a city with two thousand years of history. It lies on the northern part of the Great Silk Road. The city is a major exporter to Eastern Europe of silk, cotton and textiles, as well as oil, coal, copper, sulfur, rice and manufactured products such as television sets, automobiles and tractors. After the earthquake, which took place in 1966, the town was practically ruined. Tashkent again rose from its ashes and became one of the most beautiful city in Central Asia and one of the largest cultural, scientific and industrial centers. Despite its modern appearance, Tashkent lacks neither beauty nor culture; this city is surprisingly green, thanks to its beautifully laid-out parks and its glistening fountains and multicolored bazaars. The lines of the Tashkent metro - the only one in Central Asia - stretch 55 kilometers, and the design of the stations is considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. Quite a number of international meetings, symposiums, congresses, and film festivals are held in Tashkent on a regular basis. Tashkent is the sister city to 10 cities of the world, such as Seattle, Karachi and others.

Tashkent is the international air gate of Uzbekistan and Central Asia and is connected with direct flights to more than 17 countries of the world. The flagship air carrier is Uzbekistan Airways.

  • Historical and architectural monuments of Tashkent:Kukeldash Madrassah (14c.)
  • Kaffal-Shashi Mausoleum (15c.)
  • Architectural Ensemble of Khazrat Imam (16.)
  • Abul Kasim Madrassah (19c.)
  • Barrack-Khan Madrassah (16c.)
  • Juma Mosque (19c.)
  • Amir Timur (Tamer-lane) Museum - A masterpiece of the modern architecture
  • Amir Timur (Tamer-lane) square
  • Mustaqillik square
  • Khalqlar Dustligi square
  • Monument of Courage
  • Chor-Su bazaar
  • Hast Imom square
  • The Tilla-Sheikh Mosque
  • Khadra plaza
  • Zanghi-ota Mausoleum

Samarkand Tour Packages Guide

The History of Samarkand is about 2,500 years. Located on one of the major trade routes to China and Europe the city prospered and attracted many people from the East and the West: Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Tamerlane, the Arab commander Kuteiba ibn Muslim and many others.

The first people came to the region almost 40 thousands years ago. By the invasion of Alexander the Great (in 329 BC), it had already been a cosmopolitan, a walled capital of the Sogdian Empire. Alexander the Great was very impressed by Samarkand. He claimed that he could have imagined everything about this place except for its fascinating beauty. The city grew very fast and during the 6-13 centuries it is said to be more populated that nowadays. But during that period many invasions took place almost every century. In the middle of the 13th century Genghis Khan captured the city. After another 150 years Tamerlane decided to make Samarkand his capital, and during next half of the century the city became economic and cultural center of Central Asia. Later it became an intellectual center as well. Since Uzbek Shaybanids had moved the capital to Bukhara in the 16th century, Samarkand went into decline. Many people left the city after a number of serious earthquakes. By the end of the next century the Emir of Bukhara attempted to repopulate it. But it were only Russians who managed to resuscitate after it was joined to the Russian Empire by the trans Caspian railway in 1888. In 1924 Samarkand was declared to be the capital of Uzbek SSR, but 6 years later the capital was moved to Tashkent.

The central square of ancient Samarkand - Reghistan, is surrounded on three sides with the magnificent buildings of Ulughbek, Shir-dor and Tilly-Akhari madrashas. Registan is the place where all radial streets meet. The ruler's decrees were proclaimed and the justice was done right there as well as busy trading. Excavations of the ancient monuments buried under the ground have helped to recover the site of an ancient town and restore the architectural monument to its former grandeur with the high quality ceramic arts and the harmony of arches with blue domes. The jade gravestone of the great ruler Tamerlane lies in the Gur-Emir Mausoleum of the Timurids. Its huge tiled domes can be seen from all parts of the town. Samarkand is a city full of legends. Everything here including the streets, ravines and water reservoirs have its own story. The medieval Samarkand is beautifully surrounded by mountains from all sides. Its impressive perfect forms and harmony of colors are being admired by thousands of people both strangers and locals. Nowadays Samarkand is also an industrial, scientific and cultural center of Uzbekistan.

  • Historical and architectural monuments of Samarkand:The ancient settlement Afrosiab (the 8th c. BC the 13th c. A.D.)
  • Observatory of Ulughbek (1428-1429), the foot of the hill Chupan-Ata
  • The architectural ensemble Shakhi-Zinda
  • Hazrat-Hizr Mosque (the middle of the 19th c.)
  • Bibi-Khanum Mosque (1399-1404)
  • Registan Square
  • Ulughbek Madrassah (1417-1420)
  • Sher-Dor Madrassah - (1619-1635/36)
  • Tilla-Kari Madrassah (1647-1659/60)
  • Rukhabad Mausoleum (1380)
  • Gur-Emir Mausoleum (1404)
  • Namazgoh Mosque (17th c.)
  • Ishrat-Khona Mausoleum (1464)
  • Ensemble of Huja Akhrar-(the 15th -20th c.)
  • Chupon-Ata Mausoleum (1430-the1440s)
  • Huja Abdi Darun Mazar (15th -19th c.c.)
  • Burial-vault of Huja Daniyar (19th c)
  • Ismail al - Bukhari Mausoleum (30 km north of Samarkand, in the Huja Ismail village)

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