Set out on a journey reminiscent of a scene from a classic novel as you set sail on the ‘From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour.’

The allure of hidden caves, azure waters, and iconic rock formations awaits, promising a day filled with exploration and relaxation.

Discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface and uncover the enchanting beauty that has captivated travelers for generations.

Find out how this tour combines luxury, adventure, and natural wonders to offer a truly unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Just The Basics

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Just The Basics

  • Engage in snorkeling adventures in crystal-clear waters to discover underwater wonders.
  • Marvel at scenic views of Marvellous, White, and Green Grottos while exploring Capri.
  • Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and onboard snacks for a memorable experience.
  • Seamless logistics, exceptional crew hospitality, and a prosecco toast add to the journey’s charm.

Booking Details

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Booking Details

For those looking to secure their spot on the Amalfi Boat Tour to Li Galli and Capri Islands, the booking details offer flexibility with free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund and the option to reserve now and pay later. This allows travelers to plan their adventure without immediate payment obligations, ensuring peace of mind.

The flexible cancellation policy enables changes to be made without financial penalties, making it convenient for those with shifting schedules. By providing these payment options, the tour caters to varying preferences and needs, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

Whether it’s adjusting plans or simply wanting to confirm the booking early, these features add convenience and reassurance to the journey ahead.

Experience Highlights

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Experience Highlights

Admire the stunning beauty of Capri on a full-day boat trip packed with exciting activities and scenic wonders. The experience highlights include:

  • Engage in thrilling snorkeling adventures in crystal-clear waters
  • Marvel at the breathtaking scenic views of the Marvellous, White, and Green Grottos
  • Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and onboard snacks and drinks

Discover the underwater wonders of Capri through snorkeling, where vibrant marine life awaits. As you cruise along the coastline, learn about the beauty of the grottos and rock formations that adorn the island’s shores. With opportunities to swim, snorkel, and relax on deck, this excursion promises a day filled with unforgettable moments amidst the stunning backdrop of Capri’s natural splendor.

Tour Itinerary

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Tour Itinerary

Embark on an unforgettable full-day boat tour from Amalfi to the stunning Li Galli and Capri Islands, enjoying a day of exploration and relaxation on the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. The tour itinerary is carefully planned to offer a perfect blend of land exploration and marine park dive adventures. Check out the table below for a snapshot of the day’s exciting activities:

Time Activities
09:30 am Depart from Amalfi
Stop at Punta Campanella marine park for a dive
Swim near the famous Faraglioni rock formations
Explore Capri by land for 2.5 hours
Final stop at Li Galli for a refreshing swim

With stops at picturesque locations and opportunities for both land and sea exploration, this tour promises a day filled with unforgettable experiences.

Meeting Point and Return Details

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Meeting Point and Return Details

As the boat tour concludes its exploration of Capri and Li Galli Islands, guests are warmly welcomed back to Amalfi by the boat crew, providing a celebratory prosecco toast at the picturesque Molo Darsena meeting point. Once back at the port, visitors can expect the following:

  • Seamless departure logistics and transportation arrangements for a stress-free journey back to Amalfi.
  • Exceptional crew hospitality, ensuring guests are comfortable and entertained throughout the return trip.
  • Engaging onboard activities to keep the energy high as the tour winds down, including music, storytelling, and perhaps another surprise from the attentive crew.

The return to Amalfi around 4:45 pm marks the end of a memorable day filled with exploration and relaxation on the stunning waters of the Amalfi Coast.

Customer Reviews

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Customer Reviews

Many guests have praised the Amalfi Boat Tour for its exceptional service and breathtaking scenery. Visitors highlight the tour’s pristine water quality, allowing for a refreshing swim near the famous Faraglioni rock formations.

The boat treats provided onboard, including snacks and drinks, have received positive feedback for enhancing the overall experience. Travelers appreciate the opportunity to relax, swim, and snorkel while exploring the Marvellous, White, and Green Grottos.

Although some mention that the activity is pricey, they unanimously agree that it’s worth every penny for the chance to see Capri without staying on the island. The combination of excellent service, stunning views, and delightful boat treats makes the Amalfi Boat Tour a highly recommended experience.

Activity Duration and Inclusions

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Activity Duration and Inclusions

The activity duration of the Amalfi Boat Tour is 8 hours, offering a comprehensive exploration of the Li Galli and Capri Islands with included experiences like swimming, snorkeling, and a visit to various grottos. Participants will enjoy:

  • Swim stops: Plenty of opportunities to dive into the crystal-clear waters at beautiful locations.

  • Snorkeling spots: Explore underwater wonders and marine life at designated snorkeling spots.

  • Onboard treats: Indulge in snacks and drinks while cruising, enhancing the overall experience.

The excursion cost covers all these activities, ensuring a day filled with adventure and relaxation. Guests can make the most of their time on the boat, taking in the stunning surroundings and engaging in fun water activities.

Highlights of Capri Exploration

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Highlights of Capri Exploration

Set out on a captivating journey through the enchanting sights of Capri’s exploration, enjoying its beauty and allure.

When exploring Capri, remember to wear comfortable shoes as you navigate the charming streets and pathways.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the iconic Blue Grotto, known for its mesmerizing blue waters.

For the best views of the island, take a chairlift ride to the top of Monte Solaro, the highest point in Capri.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Gardens of Augustus, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Faraglioni rocks and the sea below.

End your exploration with a visit to Anacapri for a more serene atmosphere and stunning vistas of the island.

Capture the essence of Capri with its picturesque landscapes and vibrant atmosphere.

Final Surprises and Recommendations

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Final Surprises and Recommendations

As you conclude your Amalfi boat tour exploring Li Galli and Capri Islands, anticipate delightful final surprises and valuable recommendations awaiting you.

Upon returning to Amalfi, the boat crew has prepared a special treat for all guests, ensuring your journey ends on a high note.

To make the most of your experience, consider the following recommendations:

  • Capture Memories: Don’t forget to take plenty of photos to immortalize the stunning landscapes and crystal-clear waters you encountered throughout the day.

  • Express Gratitude: Show appreciation to your skipper and crew for their hospitality and expertise in making your trip memorable.

  • Stay Connected: Exchange contact information with fellow travelers to share memories and possibly plan future adventures together.

Common questions

From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour - Common questions

Are Snorkeling Gear and Towels Provided on the Boat Tour?

Snorkeling gear and towels are provided on the boat tour for marine life observation and underwater exploration. Customers can enjoy the opportunity to engage with the underwater world comfortably and safely during the excursion.

Is There a Restroom on Board the Boat for Passengers’ Convenience?

Yes, there is a restroom on board for passenger comfort. This amenity ensures convenience during the 8-hour boat tour. Guests can relax, swim, snorkel, and explore Capri without worrying about restroom availability, enhancing their overall experience.

What Type of Snacks and Drinks Are Included During the Excursion?

During the excursion, passengers enjoy local delicacies, picnic provisions, and cocktails. Snack options feature fresh fruits, pastries, and cheese, while beverages include water, soft drinks, and cocktails. The boat tour ensures a delightful culinary experience for all.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Passengers Participating in the Boat Tour?

Safety precautions are in place, and the boat tour is family-friendly with no strict age restrictions. Passengers of all ages can enjoy the excursion. The experience ensures a safe and enjoyable adventure for everyone on board.

Is There a Designated Area for Storing Personal Belongings During the Trip?

During the trip, passengers can store personal belongings safely on the boat. Safety regulations require securing items properly. Storage arrangements are provided to ensure a worry-free experience while exploring Capri’s beauty and enjoying the activities.

Last Words

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the beauty of Capri and Li Galli islands on the ‘From Amalfi: Li Galli and Capri Islands Boat Tour.’

With visits to stunning grottos, swimming near iconic rock formations, and free time to explore Capri, this excursion offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Book your spot now and create unforgettable memories on this picturesque boat tour of the Amalfi Coast.

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