When thinking about trying out an Ikebana class at the Seiwa Goryu School in Fukuoka, one might worry about the language barrier. However, fret not, as the school offers instruction in both English and Japanese.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the delicate beauty of Japanese flower arranging, guided by a seasoned expert in a serene setting. This experience promises not just a new skill but a deeper connection to the culture and traditions of Japan.

Consider the allure of creating your own masterpiece and unraveling the secrets of this ancient art form.

Key Points

Fukuoka: Ikebana Class at the Seiwa Goryu School - Key Points

  • Immerse in 450-year-old tradition of Ikebana at Seiwa Goryu School in Fukuoka
  • Learn imperial flower arranging from Headmaster Yukiho Oshima
  • Create a unique artificial flower arrangement to take home
  • Experience the art of arranging seasonal flowers in a small group setting

Activity Details

Fukuoka: Ikebana Class at the Seiwa Goryu School - Activity Details

In the Ikebana class at Seiwa Goryu School, participants can enjoy the 450-year-old tradition of Japanese flower arranging. They’ve the opportunity to learn techniques from skilled instructors in a small group setting limited to 10 participants.

The class lasts for 2 hours, ensuring a thorough understanding of imperial flower arrangement. The venue is wheelchair accessible, and the instructor is available to provide guidance in both English and Japanese. Participants can easily cancel up to 4 days in advance for a full refund.

Payment can be made in UAE Dirham and Moroccan Dirham, making it convenient for all. It’s a fantastic chance to explore the art of Ikebana without breaking the bank.

Experience Highlights

Fukuoka: Ikebana Class at the Seiwa Goryu School - Experience Highlights

Discover the art of Ikebana at Seiwa Goryu School with hands-on lessons in traditional Japanese flower arranging. Immerse in the 450-year-old tradition of Ikebana, where you can learn the imperial arrangement technique from Headmaster Yukiho Oshima. Create a unique artificial flower arrangement to take home, showcasing your own style and creativity. Ikebana is not just about arranging flowers; it is a deep-rooted cultural practice that symbolizes harmony and respect for nature. The Seiwa Goryu School’s rich history spanning 450 years adds a special touch to your experience. Learn to arrange flowers in a vessel with auspicious blooms, and take home artificial flowers as keepsakes to cherish your unique creation.

Highlights Description
Imperial arrangement Learn from Headmaster Yukiho Oshima
Unique creation Create your personalized artificial arrangement
Cultural immersion Explore the 450-year-old Ikebana tradition

Booking and Participation

Fukuoka: Ikebana Class at the Seiwa Goryu School - Booking and Participation

Embark on your Ikebana class journey by checking availability and selecting your desired date for a hands-on experience at Seiwa Goryu School. Dive into Ikebana techniques and explore the world of floral artistry in a 2-hour session.

The class allows free cancellation up to 4 days in advance and is limited to a small group setting of 10 participants. Enjoy the guidance of an instructor proficient in English and Japanese.

To secure your spot, head to the booking section where you can view available starting times and make your reservation. Enjoy the art of Japanese flower arranging with a rich history spanning 450 years at Seiwa Goryu School.

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Social Media and Contact Information

Fukuoka: Ikebana Class at the Seiwa Goryu School - Social Media and Contact Information

You can easily connect with the Ikebana Class at Seiwa Goryu School through their active social media profiles on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Stay updated on their Facebook presence for event details and announcements.

Get a glimpse of their beautiful arrangements and behind-the-scenes moments with Instagram updates.

For quick updates and inspirations, check out their Twitter feed.

Find more in-depth visuals on Pinterest boards and stay connected professionally through their LinkedIn page.

Whether you’re looking to join a class or simply appreciate the art of Ikebana, their social media channels offer a great way to engage with the Seiwa Goryu School community.

Common questions

What Types of Artificial Flowers Will Be Provided for the Ikebana Class at the Seiwa Goryu School?

For the ikebana class at Seiwa Goryu School, you will work with silk flowers and foam flowers to create stunning arrangements. These artificial blooms allow for a lasting and budget-friendly reminder of the experience.

Is There a Dress Code or Specific Attire Recommended for Participants in the Ikebana Class?

For the Ikebana class, there’s no strict dress code. Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable attire that allows for creative expression. Embrace the cultural experience in casual clothing suitable for hands-on flower arranging.

Are There Any Age Restrictions or Requirements for Participants in the Ikebana Class?

Age restrictions or specific requirements are not in place for the Ikebana class. Attire recommendations are casual. Participants have social interaction opportunities during the session. Personal materials can be incorporated to enhance the experience.

Will Participants Have the Opportunity to Interact With Other Like-Minded Individuals During the Ikebana Class?

During the Ikebana class, participants can network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. It’s an opportunity to share ideas and creativity while enjoying the art of Japanese flower arranging in a small group setting.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Materials or Flowers to Incorporate Into Their Ikebana Arrangement?

Participants can bring their materials to add a personal touch to their Ikebana arrangement. This allows creative expressions and collaboration opportunities with like-minded individuals. The class fosters a budget-friendly and informative experience for all participants.

Sum Up

To sum it up, learn about the art of Ikebana at Fukuoka’s Seiwa Goryu School for a unique cultural experience.

Learn from Headmaster Yukiho Oshima and create your own personalized flower arrangement with seasonal blooms.

With a small class size and English-speaking instructor, this hands-on opportunity is perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Book your spot now to discover the beauty and elegance of this ancient Japanese art form.

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