Udaipur, known as the ‘City of Lakes,’ attracts millions of travelers annually, seeking its historical charm and scenic grandeur.

The Private Full Day Udaipur City Tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore this cultural gem at your own pace, with expert guidance and seamless logistics.

From the opulent palaces to the tranquil lakes, this tour promises a deep dive into Udaipur’s rich tapestry of heritage and beauty.

But what makes this experience truly exceptional? Let’s uncover the hidden gems awaiting your discovery in this all-inclusive expedition.

Key Points

Private Full Day Udaipur City Tour (All-Inclusive) - Key Points

  • Comprehensive 11-hour tour covering Udaipur’s major attractions
  • Personalized experiences and flexible start times for convenience
  • Sunset views over Lake Pichola included
  • Private air-conditioned car with chauffeur and sightseeing tips provided

Tour Details

Private Full Day Udaipur City Tour (All-Inclusive) - Tour Details

Featuring a comprehensive excursion through Udaipur, the Udaipur City Tour offers a meticulously planned itinerary showcasing the city’s top attractions and experiences. Travelers have the opportunity to explore the rich culture and indulge in local cuisine during this 11-hour tour.

The tour includes visits to iconic landmarks such as Udaipur City Palace, Saheliyon Ki Bari, and a leisurely cruise on Lake Pichola. Guests can enjoy personalized experiences, uncover hidden gems, and benefit from flexible start times.

The tour provides a private group setting with a knowledgeable tour guide, ensuring a deep dive into Udaipur’s heritage. Participants can expect a wheelchair-accessible tour that caters to all preferences, making it a memorable journey through the heart of Udaipur.

Experience Description

Guests embarking on the Udaipur City Tour will explore the rich history and vibrant cuisine of Udaipur while enjoying breathtaking sunset views over Lake Pichola. This experience offers a chance to explore the culture of Udaipur through visits to iconic landmarks like the Udaipur City Palace and the Jagdish Temple.

Plus, guests will have the opportunity to taste cuisine at a top city restaurant, seeing the flavors of the region. The tour includes a boat ride at Lake Pichola, adding a unique perspective to the journey.

With a private tour guide and an air-conditioned car for transportation, guests can expect a personalized and comfortable exploration of Udaipur’s beauty and culinary delights.

Itinerary Highlights

Private Full Day Udaipur City Tour (All-Inclusive) - Itinerary Highlights

The Udaipur City Tour’s itinerary highlights commence with a visit to Sajjangarh, also known as the Monsoon Palace. Here, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The tour then proceeds to the majestic Udaipur City Palace, followed by a stop at the intricate Jagdish Temple. Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in local cuisine at a top city restaurant, savoring authentic flavors.

After lunch, a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Saheliyon ki Bari is scheduled, providing a serene atmosphere.

The day culminates with a memorable experience watching the sunset from the enchanting Lake Pichola, offering breathtaking views that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

  1. Visit Sajjangarh (Monsoon Palace) for panoramic views.
  2. Explore Udaipur City Palace and Jagdish Temple.
  3. Enjoy local cuisine at a top city restaurant.
  4. Watch the sunset from the picturesque Lake Pichola.


Commencing with the Udaipur City Tour’s inclusions, guests are provided with a private air-conditioned car accompanied by a chauffeur for convenient transportation throughout the day. This ensures a comfortable and hassle-free journey as visitors explore the city’s wonders.

Along With the transportation, all parking fees, tolls, fuel, and taxes are covered, allowing guests to focus solely on enjoying the sights and experiences Udaipur has to offer. If the ticket includes it, a delightful boat ride at Lake Pichola is also part of the package, adding a charming aquatic adventure to the day.

While meals are excluded, travelers can receive sightseeing tips and recommendations for trying out local cuisine at various eateries in Udaipur.

Important Information

For a smooth and enjoyable experience during the Udaipur City Tour, it’s advisable to carry a passport or ID card with you at all times. When preparing for the tour, visitors should keep in mind the following:

  1. What to Pack:

    • Comfortable shoes for walking
    • Sunscreen and a hat for sun protection
    • Camera to capture the beautiful sights
    • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated
  2. Local Customs:

    • Dress modestly when visiting religious sites
    • Respect local customs and traditions
    • Ask for permission before taking photographs of locals
    • Greet people with a smile and a polite ‘Namaste’


To navigate the Udaipur City Tour efficiently, visitors should familiarize themselves with the directions to key landmarks, ensuring a seamless exploration of the city’s cultural and historical treasures.

Starting at Sajjangarh or the Monsoon Palace, the tour will progress to Udaipur City Palace and Jagdish Temple before a lunch break at a top city restaurant.

Following lunch, a relaxing visit to Saheliyon ki Bari awaits before culminating in witnessing the breathtaking sunset views over Lake Pichola.

It’s essential to follow the designated route to fully appreciate the itinerary’s highlights, ensuring that visitors don’t miss out on the local cuisine experiences and the spectacular sunset views.

Proper navigation will enhance the overall tour experience, allowing for a memorable exploration of Udaipur’s wonders.

Common questions

Can I Customize the Itinerary of the Tour to Include Specific Attractions or Activities That Are Not Listed?

Customization options are limited to the specified attractions. Guests cannot request additional stops or activities. Specific preferences should align with the provided itinerary. For a personalized experience, consult with the tour guide to ensure a memorable visit.

Is There a Minimum Number of Participants Required for Booking This Private Tour?

There is no minimum number of participants required for booking this private tour. Guests can customize the itinerary to include specific attractions or activities not listed. The tour offers a personalized experience tailored to individual preferences.

Are Entrance Fees to the Monuments and Attractions Covered in the Tour Price?

Entrance fees to the monuments and attractions are included in the tour price as part of the tour inclusions. Additional charges such as meals, tips, and camera fees at monuments are not covered.

Is There a Restroom Available on the Boat Ride at Lake Pichola?

Restroom availability during the boat ride at Lake Pichola is limited. It is advisable to use facilities before boarding. The boat ride experience offers stunning views of Udaipur. Guests can enjoy the scenery while sailing on the lake.

Can I Request a Vegetarian or Vegan Meal Option for Lunch During the Tour?

Yes, guests can request vegetarian or vegan meal options for lunch during the tour. The tour operators accommodate various dietary restrictions and food preferences. Guests should inform the tour guide in advance to ensure a satisfying dining experience.

Sum Up

Private Full Day Udaipur City Tour (All-Inclusive) - Sum Up

To sum it up, the Private Full Day Udaipur City Tour offers a captivating journey through the cultural heritage and scenic beauty of Udaipur. With exclusive access to iconic landmarks, personalized itineraries, and convenient amenities, participants are treated to a memorable and immersive experience.

From exploring the majestic Udaipur City Palace to savoring delectable cuisine and witnessing breathtaking sunset views, this all-inclusive expedition is a must-do for travelers seeking a comprehensive exploration of Udaipur.

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