5 Days Volcanoes Trekking to Semeru Bromo-Ijen

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When life gives you a chance to get lost in the beautiful world of trek don’t miss a chance to go out and enjoy the blushing of the sky that is waiting for you to stand below it and enjoy the shadow of the day. When the time will come to rejoice the memories of the sunlight which you have gone through it will scent the moment. The mountain will lift you high and give you strength to know the strength inside you. And thus trekking is the packet full of experience and love you want to give and take it with you to the home. When you feel the warmth of the air coming inside you, it will give you pleasure to live the life once and enjoy the peace inside the air. Life is short the thing is how you engross it to live. It will give you struggle pain and hurdles which will be overcome by you. Thus wake up and enjoy the deep incents of nature. Live life as long as you can in traveling. Trekking is just the way of letting the fear go, your anger vanishes and bringing the patience in you. When you look up at the volcanoes you will come to know how devastating it could be but it doesn’t take its real colors until and unless he is filled with the lava inside it. The enriching thoughts of a person will come out with the exact briefing when they will go the trek in the SEMERU BROMO IJEN and watching up the volcanoes out. The 5 days tour to see the mountain and the volcano would be the best days of your life. 

Day-1:- Day one is the arrival day and you can reach the Surabaya and then can head to the Malang to see the massive TENGER MASSIVE near semeru. After the sightseeing, you can go to the trekking in semeru. 

Day-2:- We can give a glance to the Ranu Pani and then come back to Tengger Caldera. It will give you the monitory introduction to the volcano territory. 

Day-3,4:- Do witness the sunrise of Tengger caldera and it is very charismatic and then head toward the volcano. Ijen volcano and kawah Ijen volcano are the most well-known volcanoes in east bromo, java. They are huge and massive and if they get burst they can create massive destruction, but it is the entangled beauty of the nature that is so perfectly designed. 

Day-5:- After encountering the trekking and volcano experience come back to Surabaya to head towards Bali. The mesmerizing 5 days package will give us a chance to encounter the real fun in the mountain and look at God’s creation so closely and get stuck into it because it is so thrilling and massive that it will make you praise the creator of the world and you will enclose it by joining hands to saints praying to keep the beauty alive and stiff till the universe is alive


  • Day 01

     BALI / SURABAYA – TRANSFER TO MALANG – TUMPANG VILLAGE Morning departure from Bali ( Kuta area / Denpasar ), Or Noon-time departure from Surabaya Airport. Transfer to Malang, then a night at a Lodge in Tumpang Village

  • Day 02

    TREKKING TO KALIMATI – CAMPING AT LAKESIDE After Breakfast, begin the Trekking at 0700 am, walking through the savannah, across the hills and enjoy the stunning view of surrounding villages and plantations. Will reach at Kalimati by late afternoon, then set up for Camping at the Lakeside at Kalimati. Meals provided.

  • Day 03

    TREKKING TO THE SUMMIT OF SEMERU – BACK DOWN – TRANSFER TO BROMO Starting trek at 0300 am, trek to the summit of semeru, and enjoy the sunrise from the Top while having simple breakfast with coffee/tea. Around 0730 am, Back down to the savannah, and transfer to Bromo Directly. Arrive by afternoon, check in to Hotel Yoshi Cottage or similar. Meals provided

  • Day 04

     BROMO TREKKING – TRANSFER TO IJEN Departure at 0430 am, drive to Penanjakan hill with a Jeep-off-road Car, enjoy the sunrise view overlooking through the volcanoes. Then transfer to the trekking point to reach the summit of Bromo Peak. Enjoy the view of the bromo crater, then back to Hotel. Noon time, transfer to Ijen, and arrive by late afternoon, check in to Arabica Cottage. Meals Provided

  • Day 05

    IJEN TREKKING – TRANSFER OUT TO BALI / SURABAYA Departure at 0430 am, transfer to Paltuding, then enjoy the trekking to the peak of Ijen Crater, visit the lake on the Peak-Crater. Then back to the hotel and prepare For check out. The transfer for drop off available for Drive to Bali or to Surabaya Airport. Tours ended after a drop to Bali / Surabaya.

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  • Kalimati
  • Arabica Cottage
  • Penanjakan hill

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