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  • Day 01

     BATU BOLONG – TATAWA KECIL – TATWA BESAR. Start From Labuan Bajo , 08.00 Am, Sail to Batu Bolong for your First Dive.Dive Point : Wall, Canyon, Huge Napoleon Wrase and many other Things There. Second dive in small Tatawa : high light : little cave where you can find pigmySea Horse and other fishes and colourful of coral .The last dive in big Tatawa there is drift dive , Highlight : colourful of soft coral ,Turttle island other small things

  • Day 02

     CRYSTAL ROCK – CASTLE ROCK – LIGHT HOUSE . In the north of Komodo island ( crystal rock ) .Dive Point : coral, nudibranches , Baby shark and very nice soft coral around the rocks . Second Dive in Castle rock . Dive Point : beautiful table coral , sponges , macros And other things . The last Dive will be nice with little drift in light house .Dive Point : Sandy bottom where you can find garden eels , macro , potato Grouper and probably we can see manta ray , sting ray in the sandy bottom And sweet lips will say to the drivers welcome and thanks for your visit

  • Day 03

     KOMODO TOUR – RED BEACH DIVE – SOUTH OF KOMODO ISLAND Early Morning, Visit Komodo dragons in Komodo island . Afterwards going to pink beach for the First snorkeling / diving , in midday we dive in the south Komodo island Dive Point : Manta ray and the coral here is so beautiful with cold Water.

  • Day 04

     NUSA KODE – CANIBAL ROCK - EAGLE ROCK Dive in South Rinca ( Nusa kode ) Dive Point : full of yellow soft coral decorate on The wall , macro every where some times tuna look out of the blue water , don't Forget set up your camera with macro .Second dive will be at Cannibal Rock. Dive Point : Sea Apples,Macro ,Nice Coral. Third Dive will be at Torpedo Point / Eagle Rock.Dive Point : Drop Off and Very Nice Slope, Occasionally could see the Frog Fish ,Leaf Scorpion Fish

  • Day 05

    PADAR KECIL – THREE SISITER – TENGAH ISAND. Dive in South Padar Kecil ( Pillar Steen ).Dive Point : Very Nice Wall, Variety Reef Colours, ( If you Plan with Decompression Time, You can see the Cave on its Place with deep at 40 mtrs. Second Dive in Three Sisters. Dive Point : Vary nice soft Corals hanging on the wall of the three huge rock. Also, You can find any variety of Corals grow.Nudibranches will join you there. If we're Luck, We can see Debil Ray.The Last Dive will be made at Tengah Island .Dive Point : Very Nice Wall, Drop Off, Full of Coral from 2m to 3 m up. On the Shalow Reef, You'll see a lot of Table Coral and soft coral. Macro is a lot of here.

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  • Turttle island
  • Rinca ( Nusa kode )

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