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“Probolinggo” has other extraordinary intrigue visit called as boating fields. Sightseers can without much of a stretch appreciate the surge of energizing scenes “Pekalen River” with just a separation of 26 kilometers via vehicle from Probolinggo or amid the 30 minutes towards the South.

Pekalen River is situated in Angin-Angin sub-town, Ranu Gedang Village and finishes at Gambling sub-town, Pesawahan town or Condong town, Getting locale. The voyage to achieve this waterway roughly 3 hours on the off chance that we are originated from Surabaya or Malang city.

Pekalen River which turns into the field of this exciting game, situated at 500 m above ocean level. It has shifts trouble level from a review I to review III in addition to upwards of 30 rapids boating. Boating may just be pursued matured 10-60 years guests. To the extent 9 kilometers separate boating connected for 2.5 to 3 hours, incorporating breaks amidst movement while getting a charge out of the products of youthful coconut.

Boating Pekalen partitioned into three areas for boating:
1) Top Pekalen (12 Km)
2) Center Pekalen (7 km)
3) Base Pekalen (10 km)
There are a few boating guides in Probolinggo which are prepared to furnish an
assortment of appealing bundles with an assortment of difficult boating
fascination. The boating guides are Noirs, Regulo and Songa Rafting. Those
boating guides have been fitted with safe boating hardware.

All About Pekalen River Rafting Trip by Indonesia Trip Package
The truth of the matter is Pekalen winds up one of the longest waterways in
Probolinggo. Also, it has a wild current. Knowing the reality, local people chose to
exploit it and opened boating administrations for everybody to appreciate.
Today, visitors can discover two boating administrators which are Noirs and
Songa. They two offer proficient administrations, so sightseers can appreciate
the movement in a sheltered way. All things considered, everybody ought to
adhere to the directions and don't act indiscreetly. Boating is a hazardous
game, all things considered. Also, the current is unpleasant.

As far as notoriety, “Songa Rafting Service” is notable among rafters. When
travelers pick the administration, they can begin tuning in to the guidance and
wearing the hardware. For the most part, a gathering comprises of 4 to 12
individuals and they may utilize one boating pontoon. As an option, they can
pick an individual movement which includes a kayak which is riskier, Maybe
just experienced sightseers are probably going to pick such solo experience.

individuals have distinctive purposes behind leading boating. The vast majority
of them search for the sake of entertainment while others need to enhance
their soul and wellbeing. For this situation, Pekalen River is a decent goal as it
includes various difficulties. No big surprise, it isn't sufficient to attempt it just
once. Amid occasions, for instance, a few visitors choose to attempt both a
gathering and solo boating a few times. They come either alone or with
companions, really. With respect to the best time to visit the boating base
camp, it would be between 9 am and 1 pm

Features of River Rafting provided by Indonesia Trip Package
1) Rafting or Bromo Crater.
2) Seeing the natural beauty of the river.
3) Playing outbound in and around a river.

Facilities provided by Indonesia Tour Package or Indonesia Package
1) Travel agents or Tour guides
2) Lodging or Hotels (some hotels namely Alliya, Kampung Kita, Sari Indah)
3) River Rafting Adventure and Rafting equipment
4) Outbound
5) A rescue team is always alert to help
6) Insurance for all tourists

Nearby Attractions Apart From River Rafting Adventure
1) Argapura Mountain
2) Ranu Segaran
3) Jabung Temple
4) Bentar Beach


  • Day Tour

    The river current can be used for rafting within 29 miles. The trips can be organized into three types; 1.Top Pekalen River (FunTrip I, 12 km), 2. Central Pekalen River (FunTrip II, 7 miles), and 3. River Pekalen adventure (Adventure Trip, 10 km). Most Rafter calls Pekalen river as a paradise for rafters (rafter paradise), because it combines outstanding natural exotic with caves and waterfalls that are not found in other rivers, as well as the rapids are challenging and varied ranging grade II s / d IV. Make a reservation HERE and we will combine the trip with exploring Bromo Crater and other highlights in East Java.

What's included

  • Travel agents or Tour guides
  • Lodging or Hotels (some holtels namely Alliya, Kampung Kita, Sari Indah)
  • River Rafting Adventure and Rafting equipment
  • Outbound
  • Rescue team is always alert to help
  • Insurance for all tourists

What's excluded


  • Argapura Mountain
  • Ranu Segaran
  • Jabung Temple

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