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This is one of the top tourist attractions in Indonesia. It is a group of Hindu temples and comes
under central Java, Indonesia. It was built under the rule of Medang Kingdom, the Medang Kingdom
was the most powerful kingdom during the 8th and 9th centuries. It is said that it was found in a
volcanic eruption similar to Dieng temples on the Dieng plateau. There are a lot of tour packages
in Indonesia. It is one of them. Very few people know about this place but it is worth visiting as
there are 9 temples all around. Temperature is very low over here so it's generally advised to
tourists to carry warm apparels along with them. It is the best place to spend a memorable time
away from warm temperature areas.
Its greenery, farms, vegetable terraces add stars to the beauty of the place. Horse rides are
available for visiting the temples. The ambiance is so soothing and calm over here. If you want to get
rid of the stress of your daily routine, just take a break and visit this place. It is the best place for
people who are very spiritual and like to be away from hustling bustling places. It takes 2 to
2.5hrs to reach the site from Yogyakarta and is more close to Semarang. This site is located on
the top of hills and is convenient to visit from Semarang.
The complex is not so popular among foreign tourists. That’s why 90% of tourists are Indonesian
over there. But I think it is the best tour package in Indonesia among all other packages. I
wonder, how can tourists avoid such a beautiful place. It is the best place to wander around
the temples and valleys. People who like to discover ancient places, I think it is the best place
for them to visit. Adding to that, there are hotels available to stay nearby the site. I don’t think
so, you will find a better place than this to stay in peace, birds chirping all around, that beautiful
sound of water falling down into lakes and rivers, that completely keeps away our mind from
the daily routine stress.
To get there, take a drive from Semarang, it takes near 30 minutes to reach the site. Its
architecture is completely similar to Dieng Pleateu temples, they do not resemble Candi
Borobudur, In fact, the mountains on the slopes of Ungara make it worth to travel from
Semarang. It is a complex consist of nine temples as nine is considered holy number in
Japanese culture. There is a lot of carving on temples which makes them magnificent.
90% of people like to visit Gedong temples and Borobudur together. Candi Borobudur is a
magnificent monument was built for Buddhist rituals. It is 100 km away from Semarang city.
English speaking guides are available for this tour. Borobudur is one of the most famous places in
central Java. After exploring the Borobudur temple, you can even visit Pawon and Mendut
Candi Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist temple. The temple is made of nine stacked
platforms, with a central dome on the top of the structure. The structure is very eye-catching
and beautiful. Its architecture makes it worth to visit along with Gedong Temples.


  • Day 1

    Full Day Tour Gedong Songo & Old Train Museum Leaving early morning from Yogyakarta at 07.00, expected arrive at the site on 10.00 then we hike up visiting one complex to another. You may rent a horse to explore all complex, either walking up and down from the first complex to another and stop by at the small active crater. After two hours enjoying the visit, we continue to explore the fruit market before visiting the old train museum. After finish visiting the museum, we drive back to Yogyakarta and expected to arrive at your hotel at 19.00. This is just one of the trip's combination between Gedong Songo, market and old train museum. We may combine with other objects like visiting Borobudur temple.

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  • Gedong Songo
  • Old Train Museum
  • Yogyakarta
  • Borobudur temple.

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