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If you are a wildlife lover. If you seek happiness in the jungles and there loftless soul. The best to make a deal with self and nature is to make a rush into the pathless wood, into the shaggy weeds and in to the roar of the river. We bring you out an opportunity to make the best deal of refreshes with fascinating experience and enchanting souls. Go and find your way in the south Borneo wildlife adventure and seek for the true self. We bring you a six days tour in the south Borneo with trekking, riverboat safari, glance at the market and witness the river surrounding us from all over. The tour enlightened to take a break from this dodgy world full of people, mess and urbanization and give a break. The six days world would be enlightening you with the animals, the forest culture, the lifeless journey and happiness to enroll your true self. Grab the opportunity with the boots and binoculars on and catch the fascinating view of Borneo Island. The places which we can visit in six days are: 1. Batang Ai 2. Batang Ai- Kuching 3. Sandakan- Kinabatangan river 4. Kota Kinabalu 5. Kinabalu national park 6. We can also visit the sahab Borneo for the adventure. Wildlife and adventure are the synonym to each other when we talk about the journey in the forest. To enhance the power of the river, to witness the people struggling there life, to see the power of nature and to make the best out of the deal, to find peace happiness and liveliness we find this world and we go an adventure. Adventure teaches us to win, win the melancholies and go high and thus South Borneo could bring a life in you. You would be fresh up again to start a new journey of your life and witness the true soul. The mountains, the forest, and the sea, render man savage; they develop the fierce, but yet do not destroy the human. Now get ready to experience the mesmerized journey and a journey of experience. You will be witnessing a boasts host of museums, historic sites, and sacred temples. The rainforest on wooden boardwalks will take you into the heart of the satisfaction we can also catch the rainforest as it wakes, often shrouded in morning mists, boarding a cruise and keep your binoculars handy as you search for wildlife and birds along the river. They tend to be active this time of day. A lofty canopy walkway and viewing tower. Make time to explore the botanical garden, orchids. A great quote gives us mark and asseveration that: The strongest oak of the forest is not the one that is protected from the storm and hidden from the sun. It’s the one that stands in the open where it is compelled to struggle for its existence against the winds and rains and the scorching sun.


  • Day 01 :

    ARRIVAL IN BANJARMASIN Meet at Banjarmasin . Free program.

  • Day 02 :

    BANJARMASIN TOUR Early morning, leave to floating market, then back to hotel for breakfast. Proceed to Grand Mosque and Sasirangan home Industry to see people make banjarese batik, then continue to visit Barito bridge. Afterwards, cruising Barito rivers to Kembang island to see tame monkey reservation. Enjoying afternoon canal tour on the way back to hotel and stop by at old town on riverside. overnight at hotel.

  • Day 03 :

    DIAMOND TOUR Proceed to Museum of Lambung Mangkurat , leave to Cempaka village to view traditional diamond mine and polishing. Return to Martapura town to watch jewelry and souvenir store. Afterwards, transfer to Riam kanan lake, cruising the lake and enjoying mountainous scenery there. Return to Banjarmasin . overnight at hotel.

  • Day 04 :

    BANJARMASIN-WATER BUFALLOES-LODGE Proceed to Danau Panggang village by bus, stopover in Nagara to watch earthernware home industry then cruising swamp area to Bararawa village to explore water buffaloes swim on water to find shrub and grass. Afterwards, transfer to Tanuhi/Amandit lodge resort on Meratus mountain. overnight on lodge.

  • Day 05 :

    LODGE-LOKSADO-BANJARMASIN Transfer to loksado by bus, then hiking about 1 km to see Malaris long house. Afterwards, visiting Haratai waterfall. Proceed to Muara Hatip for watching villager making the bamboo raft, after finishing continue to get the bamboo rafting crossing mount Kantawan and tropical forest. The bus will wait on downstream side to transfer you to Banjarmasin . overnight on Banjarmasin hotel.

  • Day 06 :

    DEPARTURE Transfer to airport. Tour end.

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  • Grand Mosque and Sasirangan
  • Barito bridge
  • Kembang island
  • Museum of Lambung Mangkurat
  • Danau Panggang village

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