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If you are someone, who enjoys the ethnic past, and loves the indigenous cultures and heritage that had flown to the present with time, then you should undertake Toraja Tours. Speaking of Toraja, it is the part of a beautiful mountaineous region of the South Sulawesi, Indoneshia. Adjoining to Toraja, is another beautiful island known as Bali. Well, if intended, you can undertake a Bali tour as well. We are here perhaps to, present to you our exclusive Toraja tour packages and Bali Tour packages, so that you can successfully undertake a Bali trip and a Toraja trip. So gear up, as we intend to take you to an enchanted travel around the mystic land of Toraja. Day 01. BALI – UJUNGPANDANG – TORAJA Morning flight from Bali to Hasanudin airport,Ujung pandang. On arrival, our local representative will be welcoming you, and in our AC car, you’ll be Driven directly to Toraja,through the village, the panoramic sea view,and the Lush green of mountains. First stop will be at the traditional Bugis Houses, you can also see fishing traps and sail boat construction near the beach. Lunch will be served at Pare-Pare restaurant. You will enjoy the exotic and traditional seafood. Afterwards, We travel inland,through the extensive ricefields. Thati is a scene you’ll enjoy. Refreshments have been arranged at Puncak lakawan. You will enjoy the beautyfull valley of Bambapuang and the Exotic mountain view while having food. This is a moment worth cherishing. Late afternoon we then reach the Toraja, Check in the hotel. Dinner will be served in the restaurant itself. Day.02. EXPLORING THE FAMOUS PLACES OF TORAJA. After Breakfast, our Guide will take you to Bori to visit the mystical Megaliths. From here, we start the trek through beautiful rice paddy terrace. On your way, you will see the native Toraja villages with the typical saddle roofed houses. We shall stop for lunch in the charming village of Lempo. After lunch, in the late afternoon we arrive in Batumonga at the slope of Sesean mountain, overlooking the vast valley,a majestic view with the town of rantepao far below.Then,From here,the car will drive you back to the hotel. Dinner will be served to you at the hotel. Day.03.HIGHLIGTS TORAJA After having breakfast, as the name suggests, you will be visiting the highlight sites of Toraja. We first visit Lemo. Here, graves are dug high, into a step cliff face. Balconies display the Tau-Tau, it’s realistically carved wooden and clothed images of the departed, overlooking the valley is a mystic site. At Kambira, stands a giant tree, where all the newborn babies were buried (Baby Grave).Then we take a break for Lunch. Afterwards,we continue our drive to Ketu Kese-a traditional Village. The saddle roofed houses on stilts with similarly styled rice barns lined up along the village square. Behind the village are more spectacular burial caves and Tau-Tau. More fascinating burial caves could be seen at Londa , Nanggala,and Marante. Before dark,we return to the hotel. That was the last day of your Toraja tour. Day.04. TORAJA – UJUNGPANDANG – BALI After breakfast, we drive you to the airport at Hasanuudin. Well, that being a long drive, we shall take yout o a farewell lunch at the Pare Pare restaurant. You shall board your flights back to Bali. At bali, our representatives shall pick you up, and transfer you bak to your hotel at Bali.


  • Day 01

     BALI – UJUNGPANDANG – TORAJA Morning flight from Bali to Hasanudin airport,Ujung pandang.On arrived,Our local representative will welcoming you,and with our AC car,you'll Driven directly to Toraja,through the village panoramic,sea view,and the Lush green of mountains.First stop will be made,visit the traditional Bugis Houses,fishing traps and sail boat construction near the beach. Lunch will be served at Pare -Pare, enjoy the seafood restorant. After ward We travel inland,through the extensive ricefields,Then we take refreshm ent at Puncak lakawan,enjoy the beautyfull valley of Bambapuang and the Erotic mountain. Late afternoon we then reach the Toraja,Check in hotel and Dinner Servi ce at Restorant.

  • Day 02 - Day 03

    EXPLORING TORAJA'S CULTURE Full of two days tour excursion around Tana Toraja . Featuring : stone graves, Hanging Graves , kings graves, erong wooden coffin and statues, baby graves on a big tree, there are Torajanese house whose roofs from one side look like buffaloes horn, megalithic stones, some typical Toraja village and other interesting sites

  • Day 04

     EXPLORING TORAJA'S LANDSCAPE Having breakfast at your hotel, we will do soft trecking arround Torajan ese village and other interestings things, in this package tour you will have more apportunities and times to appreciate the traditional lifestyle of the torajanese, in particularly, you you have a godd chance to see the unique funeral ceremony of Torajanese.

  • Day 05

    TANA TORAJA – MAKASAR – BALI After Breakfast on your day last,our car again accompanied you,Drive to the Airport, Hasanuudin.before arriving,we stop for Lunch at Pare-Pare, than, directly to the airport,waiting for your Flight Time to Bali . Bali arrived,Pick up,and transfer back to your original Hotel. Tour End.

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