Nestled in the artistic hub of Ubud, Bali, the Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class serves as a beacon for those craving to transform raw materials into intricate masterpieces.

As participants enter this realm of creativity, guided by a seasoned silversmith, they unravel the secrets behind shaping, polishing, and perfecting their personalized silver adornments.

The allure of crafting timeless treasures with one’s own hands beckons like a distant melody, promising a fulfilling journey of self-expression and skill refinement.

Key Points

Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class - Key Points

  • Hands-on class with skilled silversmith in Ubud.
  • Learn design techniques and jewelry making process.
  • Create personalized silver pieces from start to finish.
  • Enjoy a rewarding and insightful crafting experience in Bali.

Class Highlights

Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class - Class Highlights

Explore the intricate art of crafting silver jewelry in Ubud Bali with a hands-on class led by an experienced silversmith. Participants will explore various design techniques and the creative process of jewelry making. From learning how to design, burn, cut, clean, to finishing their own silver pieces, this class offers a comprehensive insight into the world of silver craftsmanship.

Under the guidance of the silversmith, students will discover the meticulous steps involved in creating unique and personalized jewelry. This immersive experience not only provides practical skills but also allows individuals to tap into their creativity and produce stunning pieces of wearable art. Whether a novice or a seasoned jewelry maker, this class promises to enhance one’s understanding and appreciation of the craft.

Experience Details

Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class - Experience Details

Explore the art of crafting silver jewelry in Ubud Bali through a hands-on class led by an experienced silversmith, where you will learn various design techniques and the creative process of jewelry making.

  • Hands-On Learning: Participants will have the opportunity to design, burn, cut, clean, and finish their own silver jewelry under expert guidance.
  • Experienced Instructor: Led by a skilled silversmith, ensuring a high-quality learning experience.
  • Language Support: The class is conducted in English, making it accessible to a wide range of participants.
  • Optional Transfers: For added convenience, there’s an option for transfers from Ubud to the workshop location.

Experience the intricate art of silver jewelry making in a supportive and educational environment, honing your skills and creativity in the heart of Bali.

Booking Information

Joining the Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class is a simple process that involves selecting a date, checking availability, and securing your spot with a reservation, allowing you to learn about the art of crafting silver jewelry with expert guidance. To make a booking, travelers can choose their preferred date, verify availability, and then proceed to secure their spot by making a reservation. Here are some key details regarding booking the class:

Booking Information Details
Payment Options Reserve Now, Pay Later
Rescheduling Requests Subject to availability
Group Discounts Available for larger groups
Gift Vouchers Available for purchase
Maximum Travelers Up to 8 people

The booking process is straightforward, offering flexibility with payment options, rescheduling requests, group discounts, and the opportunity to purchase gift vouchers for a unique experience.

Cancellation Policy

Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class - Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for the Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class allows for a full refund if canceled up to 24 hours in advance. This policy ensures flexibility for participants who may need to adjust their plans.

To provide clarity and ensure smooth cancellations, here are some key points to consider:

  1. Refund policy: Full refund available if canceled 24 hours before the class.
  2. No refund: No refund will be provided if canceled less than 24 hours prior to the experience.
  3. Changes not accepted: Any changes made less than 24 hours before the start time won’t be accepted.
  4. Cut-off times: Cancellation cut-off times are based on the local time zone, so be mindful of the deadline.

It’s advisable to consider travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances that may affect your ability to attend.

Meeting Details

Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class - Meeting Details

After exploring the cancellation policy, participants can look forward to seamless coordination with convenient pickup points and a memorable activity that concludes back at the meeting point for the Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class. While pickup points are available, it is important to note that the activity is not wheelchair accessible. Despite this limitation, most travelers can still participate in this enriching experience. Traveler feedback, with a stellar 5.0 rating based on 109 reviews from Viator and Tripadvisor, assures a quality time. The reviews range from 1 to 5 stars, showcasing specific experiences that highlight the uniqueness and fun of the class. This feedback adds to the anticipation of a rewarding and enjoyable jewelry-making session in Ubud.

Meeting Details
Pickup Points Available
Wheelchair Access Not available

Common questions

Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class - Common questions

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Silver Jewelry Class?

For the silver jewelry class, there are no age restrictions specified. The experience requires no prior experience. Participants can enjoy learning to design and craft silver jewelry under the guidance of an experienced silversmith.

Is Previous Experience in Jewelry Making Required to Join the Class?

No experience in jewelry making is required to join the class. No problem if you’re a beginner. All skill levels are welcome. The class is designed to teach from the basics, making it accessible to all.

Can Participants Choose the Design of the Jewelry They Will Create During the Class?

Participants have creative freedom in choosing the design of the jewelry they will create during the class. Various design options are available, allowing individuals to personalize and craft unique pieces reflective of their style and preferences.

Are Snacks or Meals Included in the Experience, or Should Participants Bring Their Own Refreshments?

Participants should bring their own refreshments as snacks or meals are not included in the experience. If any dietary restrictions exist or specific food preferences, it’s advisable to cater to those needs accordingly.

Is There a Shop or Marketplace Where Participants Can Purchase Additional Silver Materials or Tools After the Class?

Participants can explore a nearby silver market for additional materials or tools after the class. This shopping opportunity provides a chance to purchase items to continue their jewelry-making journey beyond the workshop, enhancing their crafting experience.

Sum Up

Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class - Sum Up

Enjoy the world of jewelry making at the Ubud Bali Silver Jewelry Class for an unforgettable experience.

With expert guidance, hands-on learning, and a guarantee of the lowest price, this 3-hour and 30-minute class is perfect for aspiring designers.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create your own unique silver pieces while exploring the rich craftsmanship of Bali.

Book now for a creative and educational adventure you won’t forget!

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